Makeup That Changes With Your Mood

According to trend forecasters, beauty products of the future could very well communicate with our neurotransmitters, and actually give us a mood boost. But until you really can swap your antidepressants for lipstick, we’ve got a crop of products that react to your mood, instead. Except, of course, that like the 1980s mood rings of yore, what this usually means is that the products react to your skin‘s temperature. Still pretty groovy though, right? Here are some of our faves.

Smashbox O-Gloss Noir.
A new offering in the O family, this product delivers the same customized colour, but with an edge. Instead of starting out clear and turning into a light pink, this product starts out a slightly scary black, before settling into a dark berry hue. Perfect for the winter months.

Smashbox O-Gloss Noir

Stila Custom Colour Blush.
This silky smooth blush is silicon-based (like many primers), so it gives your skin a flawless finish and blends right in for that coveted no-makeup look. Out of the box, it looks like a Barbie-esque shade of fuchsia, but it interacts with your skin’s pH to deliver a sheer wash of rosy colour.

Stila Custom Colour Blush

Claire’s Mood-Changing Nail Polish.
You may have said goodbye to the ubiquitous chain of tweeny accessories years ago, but this polish is worth a trip to the mall for the fun-factor alone. Try Wild/Calm, a shade that switches from sunset pink to fairy princess purple, to satisfy all your junior high nostalgia.

Claire's Nail Polish

Almay Smart Shade Makeup.
Hate that totally fake putty-toned complexion you can get from a lot of foundations? This product narrows down the often overwhelming colour selection process by offering only three shades: Light, Light/Medium, and Medium. It looks white coming out of the packaging, but soon adjusts to match your skin tone, giving surprising coverage that doesn’t look like coverage.
almay smart shades

All perfume:
That’s right – long before high-tech makeup products arrived on the scene, fragrances of all kinds responded to your skin’s natural pH, hormones, and temperature. That’s why something that smells fantastic on your friend may only seem so-so on you. And because fragrance reacts to temperature, keep in mind that you may need to spritz a little more in the cold winter months than you would in the summer, when high temperatures kick your scent into high gear.

Perfume Bottle


Sympatico Image


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    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    i’ve seen the mood changing nailpolish at amazon and thought it looked cool but gimmicky. if it really works, i’ll definently get a bottle. and also, remember mood lipstick from the 80’s? i hadn’t thought about it in years until i saw this article. mood rings too.

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