Makeup Blunders to Avoid

Keep your makeup looking natural with these tips:

1) Never apply a mask of foundation
We have all seen the women walking down the street with their face a visibly different colour than their necks. Or the horrible foundation line you notice on the woman sitting next to you on the bus. But, we never seem to realize it when we are doing it ourselves. Be sure to blend your foundation well using your fingers or a sponge. Apply some at the top of your neck below your chin to achieve an even flow of coverage.

2) Don’t give yourself clown lips
Yes, your lips may be your best feature, but that is all the more reason to tone down the lip-liner. By lining your lips outside your natural lip line, you are just setting yourself up for disaster. Up close, you will look like you have fish lips, which is not a good look. If you have smaller lips and feel this is the only way to extenuate them, fear no more. Use a darker shade of lipstick and be sure to always add a shimmer for dimension.

3) Avoid the clumpy-lash look
You want people to notice your beautiful baby blues, not the massive clumps of mascara on your lashes. While layering mascara can give a more dramatic look to eyes, it can also take away from it. Avoid mixing types of mascaras and find one that adds volume, lengthens and separates all in one. Run the brush over your lashes a maximum of five times, and once or twice for your bottom lashes. You can add more flair using eye shadow, if you still want a more dramatic look.

4) Don’t overdraw your brows
The perfect brow-balance can be hard to perfect. If you have light brows, or add more shape to them using a pencil, don’t overdo it. By drawing them on too dark, or at too harsh of an angle, you will end up making your whole face appear harsher. Cream eye shadow is a good alternative over pencil, and fill in your brows just as well. Experiment with different products in order to get the most natural looking affect.

5) Don’t believe the hype
If you are out looking for new makeup, make sure to bring an honest friend along. While some are very helpful, cosmetic sales people can sometimes try to sell you the latest and greatest thing, or something that is obscenely expensive because they work on commission. You know your colours and what works best for you. If you are looking for a new foundation because your old one wasn’t doing it for you, ask their honest opinion. If it sounds like they are just selling it to you because it glistens in the sun, move on. Do your research and be savvy about what makeup works for you.

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