Lash Botox, Yes Or No?

The past decade has been a whirlwind of new and eye-batting-worthy lash services, from lifting and curling to having a beautician painstakingly add semi-permanent lashes into your lash line one by one. Now there’s Botox. For your lashes.

Not to be confused with regular Botox that is injected into your face to freeze unwanted wrinkles into smooth submission, this is more like a lash lift combined a hydrolyzed keratin mask to strengthens and nourish your existing lashes. Typically infused with Argan and sativa oils, proteins, keratin, hydrolyzed silk, peptides and vitamins, the mask nourishes your existing set while filling in your natural lashes making them look thicker, longer and fuller. The conditioning treatment also helps promote growth, repair broken ones and hydrate what you’ve already got going on.

So why is it called lash botox when there are no needles are freezing to be had? Well, most likely because it’s a quick procedure, taking mere minutes to apply with an immediate impact on your face. Where it greatly differs however, is the price. Most Lash Botox services cost less than $20 at reputable lash and brow bars. And if your pair have seen better days and need a break from your lash curler, falsies and mascara, this may be an option worth exploring. The only question now is, are you up for it or not? Maybe let your lashes decide.

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