How to Touch Up Your Makeup

We’ve all been there: you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and cringe at the overly shiny and harried reflection that now stares back at you. (Definitely not the scene-stealing mug you left the house that morning with!)

Here are some easy tips for touching up your makeup:

Pack the papers
Blotting papers help reduce the appearance of oily skin (mostly found around the T-zone area). Most have a light powder on one side. With a quick swipe, you can remove any trace of oil without drying out skin, clogging pores or causing additional breakouts.

Consider purchasing a mattifying serum or primer to dab on any problem areas prior to applying makeup. Just a small application will ward off oiliness and help your makeup stay put all day.

Brighten your eyes
Perk up your peepers by dabbing a light (white or beige) shadow around the inside corner of your eyes, and dotting it lightly along the upper lash line.

Add a coat of mascara in a neutral brown-black shade to help add some spark to your eyes as the clock ticks.

Get blushing
Perk up your complexion with a touch of blush on the apples of your cheeks. (In a pinch, you can use a tiny dab of lipstick.)

Pucker up
Refresh your pout with a hit of colour and a light, dewy gloss for added punch. If there’s one item that every woman ought to pack for a mid-day facial pick-me-up it’s a great shade of lipstick, liner and non-sticky gloss. Though the lip liner isn’t a necessity for all, it does help define your shape. A neutral pink or berry shade of lipstick suits any skin tone and helps give your face a warm glow. Finish with a touch of gloss on the center portion of your lips only.

What are your tips for staying fresh-faced all day? Let us know in the comments!


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