How to Achieve Bombshell Hair

There is nothing more deflating than to have worked on your mane for hours to get va-va-va voom Brigitte-Bardot inspired hair, only to have them become as limp as an overcooked piece of asparagus by the time you step out the door. Talk about a buzz kill.

So if you’re sick of battling your tresses and have been obsessively Tivo-ing the yearly Holy Grail of bouncy hair (a.k.a. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show), the following steps will ensure that you achieve voluminous, luscious locks every time.

The key to achieving Sophia Loren bombshell hair begins in the stylist’s chair. Sure, everyone wants long hair a la Kim Kardashian, but extensions carry a pretty hefty price. Instead, ask your stylist to cut longer layers into your hair with some pieces that frame your face. The cut is not only current for longer hair, but will curl better and retain that bouncy wave.

Once you have your fabulous new haircut, according to celebrity stylist and Herbal Essences spokesperson Charles Baker Strahan, it’s important to select a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that will penetrate the hair and ˜plump it up a little’. However, should you have fine hair, you may want to opt for a lightweight conditioner or leave-in conditioning mist to prevent hair from weighing down.

After you’ve lathered your mane, applying a dollop of mousse will give your hair volume and yield soft curls when using a curling iron. Just remember to go easy on the mousse; we’re after soft, lightweight curls, not 80s scrunchy hair! If you do have fine hair, often a volumizer spray applied after a lightweight moisturizing leave-in conditioner will provide ample body.

Before you actually get to the step of creating bombshell curls that Brigitte Bardot would be proud of, blow-dry your hair using a medium to large round barrel brush, lifting at the root of your hair and pulling upward and forward for voluminous, sexy locks.

Once your hair is dry, you can opt to style your hair in medium-sized rollers for half an hour, or wrap sections of your mane around a medium-sized curling iron to yield beachy waves rather than tight, curly prom hair. After you’ve curled your hair (tedious, yes, but worth the results!), you can choose to either brush out your curls for an of-the-moment look, or simply use your fingers to slightly muss-up the curls. Finish with a very light misting of hairspray.

Voila! Sexy, come-hither curls that will be begging to have the hands of someone special run through them!

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