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Because Christmas parties and great hair go hand in hand, we’ve come up with a list of styles guaranteed to work perfectly alongside your favourite new dress “ and glass of wine. Behold: our guide to the best holiday hair and how you can get it. (Just remember to thank us after your night of compliments and celebrity comparisons.)

What: French twist
Like Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Carey in An Education, this timeless hairstyle embodies all adjectives associated with classy. Luckily, regardless of hair length, you can usually achieve it “ just remember to stock up on bobby pins and hairspray. First, brush your hair to one side, then secure the bottom with pins. Spray, hold, then twist your hair into a cone shape and twirl up, holding the hair tight with your fingers until you fasten it even more, leaving the ends to rest atop your head.

Depending on how structured you want the style, fasten the ends underneath, or use them to create a multi-dimensional look by securing them above the twist itself.

What: Loose and wavy
There’s something to be said about a free-flowing look that complements a dress that might dictate something formal and polished. But rest assured, loose curls can still make even the most simple dress seemed refined “ it’s just a question of how you wear them. Like Marion Cotillard during her Oscar win, you can always shift hair to one side to create a more streamlined look, or you can embrace a soft wave like Natalie Portman at TIFF. Provided your makeup isn’t minimal or too over the top, your hair will embody the glamour of Old Hollywood “ especially by pinning a section to the side.

What: Pixie short
Dressing a short hairstyle up may seem like child’s play compared to dealing with curls and dead ends, but to take your hair from afternoon to night, the key is to take advantage of texture and accessories. Like Carey Mulligan, opt to wear your hair Edie Sedgwick-straight if you’re usually one to embrace a bedhead look, while if you’re already inclined to come off polished and just-so, use a headband to capitalize on the occasion and to add a little multi-dimension to your aesthetic. Of course, if you’re more comfortable with ease and movement, use a little product to pump up the volume and to mess up accordingly, using your makeup or dress to maintain a little extra grace.

What: Bob
Again, like short hair, bobs may seem like a relatively safe style not keen to change for just one night, but despite its seeming simplicity, adding a little wave (using your straightener or curling iron) will give you the glam of the 1940s while capitalizing on the season’s affinity for movement. Wearing it up is also an option: while you want to stay away from the Snooki bump, tease the top slightly and part your hair in the middle, fastening the sides at the back to create a little extra volume. Then, take the back and pin it into a twist, using bobby pins and spray to fasten the rest and to create a look that’s fun, edgy and far from standard.

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