Handling Your New Year’s Day Hangover

Ah, the New Year’s Day hangover. It’s almost as much a tradition as the midnight champagne toast itself. No matter how bad your hangover was last New Year’s Day, you never seem to be able to remember that when toasting in the New Year again. Champagne headaches seem to be the worst, although a hangover from too much of any alcohol on New Year’s Eve can be agony. Looking for tips for handling a hangover? Try some of the ideas below.

Don’t drink
Ha-ha “ that’s too easy, right? Okay, don’t drink so much this New Year’s Eve. Try having a glass of sparkling water or diet soda for every glass of champagne or wine imbibed. This will cut down on the amount of alcohol you consume, which will cut down on the severity of the hangover. And don’t mix drinks (wine, beer, champagne), either.

Eat more
New Year’s Eve is not the time to begin that resolution about sticking to a diet. One of the best ways to handle a hangover is to eat while drinking the night before. The theory behind this varies “ the food absorbs the alcohol, the food helps your body process the alcohol, etc. But whatever the science behind it, it does seem to work. So nibble on appetizers and snacks all night on New Year’s Eve to help keep that hangover at bay.

Drink more
Water, that is, when you wake up on New Year’s Day. Dehydration can make a hangover worse, so drink plenty of water all day long to replenish the fluid you lost the night before.  Gatorade and other sports drinks may help you feel better, but skip the energy drinks today. Ginger ale is good for an upset stomach.

Eat more (again)
All that champagne on New Year’s Eve has flushed away nutrients from your body, which leaves your body surprisingly vulnerable. While cravings for fatty, delicious foods may come to mind, try handling your hangover by starting the day with a banana. Fruits and vegetables are the best choices today, but if your stomach can’t handle them, make the most nutritious choices you can to help your body fight back. Chicken soup and crackers may also help handle that New Year’s Eve excess.

Don’t drink
Do not indulge in the hair-of-the-dog-that-bit-you theory today. More alcohol on New Year’s Day will only increase your hangover, making your headache and nausea even worse than before.  Also go light on caffeinated beverages today; try some orange juice instead, as Vitamin C can help your body rid itself of excess alcohol.

Other tips
Try a vitamin. Some people say that lack of Vitamin B can cause a hangover, so try taking a vitamin in the morning on New Year’s Day and see if it works. Then rest, take some ibuprofen, and sleep as much as you can. You’ll feel better tomorrow morning.

And Happy New Year!

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