Halloween: Skull Makeup Tutorial

Spook out your friends with this skull makeup tutorial this Halloween. Using Make Up For Ever products, follow these steps to achieve the perfect look created by Make Up For Ever artist, Charlie Suwannajun:

Step 1: Cover your eye brows using Spirit Cum and Plasto Wax and prep skin with Face and Body Foundation.

Step 2: Apply Clow White with an Elipse Sponge starting through the center and working outward.

Step 3: Scult contours of the cheeks, temples, and jaw with Flash Color in Grey (mix black and white). Use a Powder puff to set foundation with Super Matte Loose Powder #0.

Step 4: Deepen contour with Artist Shadow #M-110 & M-100 using brush #150, blend to create dimension and define bone structure to look like a skull.

Step 5: Use Artist Liner #M-10 to outline overall shape sketch designs around the eyes, nose and forehead.

Step 6: Apply Aqua Black to the eyes and nose; also Aquamatic #D-12 use as a highlight to contrast dimension.

Step 7: Set the eyes and nose using Brush #226 with Artist Shadow #D-104 and reinforce highlights with Artist Shadow #D-222.

Step 8: Top off around the eyes, nose and forehead with Flash Colour in red to create the illusion of the cracked skill. Set and reinforce shading using Artist Shadow #M-100, M-110, and M-846.

Step 9: Finish all find details with Black and White Aquarelle using Brush #150.

Step 10: Apply Aqua Black across the upper lid and lower lash lines and smudge to blend onto the lid and up to brow bone. Shape as desired eye socket as desired.

Step 11: Apply Artist Liner #M-10 into the waterline.

Step 12: Layer Artist Shado #M-100 over Aqua Black and blend up to the edge of the eye socket.

Step 13: Finish eyes with Smoky Lash Mascara.

Step 14: Sketch overall outline around the lips and jaw to create teeth and hollow of the jaw with Artist Liner #M-10.

Step 15: Apply Flash Colour in white to fill in the teeth and Flash Colour in grey to crfeate dimension of the teeth. To set apply Artist Shadow #M-126 and M-500.

Step 16: Apply Aqua Black with Brush #250 to create the depth of the teeth. Also Aqua Black use for the hollow of the jaw and set with Artist Shadow #D-104.

Step 17: Apply Flash Color in red to create the blood and bruise around the lips and jaw. Finish all fine details with Black and White Aquarelle.


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