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5 Hairstyles You Need to Try This Festival Season

Full disclosure: I am not going to be attending any music festivals this year. Festival season, for me, will consist primarily of scrolling through my Instagram feed, liking all the posts from my favourite influencers attending various shows and having a #blessed time. However, that teeny tiny fact isn't going to stop me from writing about music festival hairstyles. I mean, it's very possible to rock all of these looks even if you're not going glamping and listening to live music for a few days, you know.

So here it is, friends”five of the hairstyles for all hair lengths that I won't be rocking at the magical Coachella this week, but will probably try to rock IRL anyway.

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The better the weekend, the harder it is to get back to reality and back to work

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Okay, so I know “hats” isn’t a hairstyle, but I’m big believer in hats as a way to elevate/hide your dirty hair look. So, if you’re lucky enough to be heading to Coachella or any of the other music festivals this summer, make sure to grab a chapeau for those days when you’re too busy having fun to style your hair.

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