Goodbye Dry Feet, Hello Moisture

Let’s face it during the winter months we tend neglect our feet. But c’mon ladies we have to think long term, when the summer months come around we want to be able to wear open-toe sandals without blinding people with our dryness. The trick to maintaining feet love during our blistering Canadian winters is by moisturizing your feet daily. So this means adding feet love to your daily skin care regimen.

Where do you start you may ask? How about starting with an ingredient or product that will insulate your feet with moisture; such as shea butter. I personally swear by L’Occitane en Provence Foot Cream ($30.00), which includes 15% shea butter, immensely moisturizes your feet, as well relieves the stress in your feet! Their product will especially leave your skin feeling moisturized in the worst of weathers. It would be wise, when choosing a feet moisturizer to go for product with a natural moisturizer added like shea butter. Chemical-based moisturizers tend to leave your feet feeling dry after a few minutes or even hours.

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Just like caring for your lips you need to start off with a foot scrub. The foot scrub is set in place to remove dead and dry skin from your foot and leave it feeling smooth- so using your foot scrub every two weeks should be fine, depending on the condition of your feet.

Getting into a spa-like at home routine, would be ideal for your free days which would consist of: foot scrub, foot massage, and foot cream! As for moisturizing, you can never moisturize too much especially during the winter months when the air less moisture.

Remember: Just like your face, the improved result of your feet depends upon the amount of time you take caring for it.

We use our feet everyday and they should be tended to appropriately! In the winter months it does get hard to properly care for our feet, especially since they are usually in the confinements of wooly socks! But still that is no excuse, if you want sandal-ready feet you have to be willing to put in the work.

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