Glow Get It: Indeed Labs’ Two New Summer “Drops” Brighten & Bronze

Indeed Labs is looking to brighten and bronze up your life this summer with two just-released products that will help your skin glow. The Canada-based line’s new vitamin C brightening drops and nanobronze™ bronzing drops are affordable essentials for those in search of a healthy, glowing hue.

Your daily dose of vitamin C
Want brighter, tighter, and, overall better-looking skin? Experts suggest starting with vitamin C. Think of it as the MVP of skincare ingredients. The powerhouse ingredient is a potent antioxidant that aids in your skin’s natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells.

Indeed Lab’s supercharged vitamin C brightening drops use an encapsulated and non-photosensitive form of pure ascorbic acid, volcanic soil, and hyaluronic acid that work together to even out skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, brighten skin, and fight free radicals & oxidative stress. Plus, the serum is lightweight and won’t feel heavy on the skin during hot and humid weather.

To use simply apply 2-3 drops to a cleansed face as part of your morning skincare routine. Follow with application of your eye cream, spot treatments, and daily moisturizer. Indeed Lab’s vitamin C brightening drops can also be used in the evening, but they are most effective in the daytime.

Fake that golden summer glow
Summer is clearly looking a little different this year, but your glow doesn’t have to. Even if you’re spending this summer socially distanced from the beach, you can still nab that golden glow. The secret is simple: bronzer. The key to faking a golden glow this summer!

Indeed Lab’s nanobronze™ bronzing drops offer an undeniable mood boost that comes with a gorgeous sun-kissed finish. This tinted serum combats dullness and provides an immediate bronzy glow.

To use simply apply 1-2 drops of the tinted serum with your moisturiser of choice and apply to the face. Not bronzed enough? The final result is completely customizable, so simply increase the number of drops for your desired glow, or try using alone to intensify the colour. May also be applied to your chest, lets or wherever you want a natural “lit from within” glow.

You can pick up Indeed Labs’ vitamin C brightening drops ($19.99) or nanobronze™ bronzing drops ($29.99) at and watch for them later this summer at Shoppers Drug Mart locations across the country.

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