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We’ve come a long way from the days of mini-brushes and cubes of colour, and if the season’s infatuation with bright cheeks is any inclination, blush has become just as important to completing an overall look as lipstick, eyeliner or concealer. Thus, in the spirit of brights and bold, here’s a look at the most popular ways to add a little flush.


Tried and true, powder is the universal language of blush and bronzers since its application is easy, straightforward and should only take a minute “ if approached correctly. To avoid streaks, apply blush in a downward motion from the middle of your ear towards the tip of your nose, then smile when blending into the apples of your cheeks. This way, you’ll simultaneously highlight cheekbones while giving yourself the springtime-appropriate flush. However, the key is to use a large brush upon application: while small brushes may seem convenient, their stiffness will only create a line of colour that channels the worst of the late 1980s.


Behold: the evolution of brush-free colour. Similar to cream eye shadows “ but with a larger canvas, sort to speak “ cream blush (like NARS Cream Blush) comes in a wide range of colours, but is applied with your fingertips to the apples of your cheeks. However, before applying the colour to your face, blend your fingers together to warm up the blush and make it easier to use. That way, you can avoid irritating your face by smearing near-solid product on your cheeks. But the best part? If you’ve gone overboard, a light coat of regular powder or foundation will give you a blank-canvas equivalent and let you start again.


Applied through a built-in foam applicator, jelly blushes (such as Givenchy’s Blush Gelé©e Jelly Blush) provides a satiny, smooth texture that easily melts into skin and allows you to build on it. Translation? You can opt for a light stain, or the appearance of a rosy been outside look “ it just depends on how much product you’re willing to use. However, the same rules apply: while the blush may seem foolproof or so light that you won’t have to worry about streaks, thorough blending is necessary in maintaining a natural aesthetic.


Think of products like Tarte’s Natural Cheek Stain as you would the same product for lips: apply sparingly at first, then build on it to create a natural look that follows the contours of your face without seeming obvious. While Tarte’s product comes in gel form (thus, consult the jelly go-to for your application needs), Vapour offers a blush stick that calls for blending between fingers before direct application. But since the product is more solid, just be sure to pay close attention to texture; you want your cheeks “ no matter how dramatic “ to look relatively natural. Meaning? You don’t want major contrast to exist between your natural skin tone and your blush.


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