This Cult-Favourite Lip Balm Is Like A Pharmacy In Your Purse

After almost ten months, having easy access to Glossier beauty products in Canada still feels like an insider secret. After all, the “skin first” beauty brand’s northbound shipping route was one of the biggest industry stories of 2017. And nobody, including me, could wait to double click on Glossier Balm Dotcom and put it in her cart.

Max moisture is this universal balm’s claim to fame, giving equal opportunity to hydrate any and all body parts. The formula contains five heavy hitters (castor seed oil, beeswax, cupuacu fruit extract and rice bran and rosemary leaf extracts) and leaves my lips, cuticles and heels looking and feeling all kinds of better. The dense, emollient-packed balm seals in moisture to seriously nourish and repair all of your dry parts. You can also use it as an a eyelid or cheekbone gloss for a subtle dewy sheen.

While many Glossier addicts favour the red-tinted cherry and birthday cake balms, I’m partial to the coconut one. With it’s subtle and not cloying coconut scent, it also transports me back to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta where I vacationed last month. (Hot tip: use Balm Dotcom as a midday, aromatic pick-me-up: just place it under your nose and inhale the smell of the beach.) The scent experience is kind of like stuffing sunshine into a tube and then squeezing it out for dreary days.

And I’ve got to give Glossier CEO Emily Weiss props for that. Her eight-years-and-counting website Into the Gloss not only dished on must-have skincare, makeup and hair products, but because she always left the door open so that real women could poke their heads around it and share their real-life beauty experiences, she was able to create fantastic products that actually work. And that’s very bomb.

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom, $15 at


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