The Glitter Face Mask You’ll Want To Line Up For This Boxing Day

Before becoming a full-time writer, like many others who aspire to a career in fashion and beauty, I started out in retail. Sure, working at the mall is fun when you’re 17 years old, but after seven years, I learned that not even my awesome discounted wardrobe is worth the hustle. Why? Because human beings turn into the most horrible and greedy creatures when it comes to discounts and first dibs. Also, from first-hand experience, sales associates aren’t always the most pleasant folk, especially on Boxing Day.

Because I’ve spent the past seven years waking up at the most ridiculous hours of morning to work on Boxing Day, I’ve been officially turned off the whole experience. If it wasn’t for the whole getting paid thing, I would have never ditched my hungover family at the unofficial day-after Christmas party — nor do I plan to this year. I just don’t get Boxing Day. Who really enjoys shoving through crowds of people and waiting in line? Not me, that’s for sure. And if you’re just looking at a good deal, Boxing “day” can sometimes last up to two weeks. And by then, I’ll already be thinking about my spring and summer wardrobe and the ultra-violet makeup I’ll be rocking next year, so nothing is really worth it. Or so I thought.

Not too long ago, I was sent the most beautiful and perfect face mask. Now before you start speculating on my choice of words, this isn’t your ordinary mud mask — this one is made with glitter! Enter the Glamglow #GLITTER Mask!

Glamglow #GLITTER GRAVITYMUD Firming Mask, $79

Glittery and star-studded, this aesthetically pleasing mask, in itself, is a party; all while delivering the same benefits of Glamglow’s original award-winning GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment. Formulated with a complex of marshmallow and licorice leaf, the mask helps define the look of facial contours, while the soy isoflavone liposome and red algae extract help firm and tighten the skin. I’ve never been so excited to put on a serious face mask, nor have I ever felt so cute. Seriously, it’s a party on Snapchat every time I wear it.

But besides being the perfect photo op, I especially love this mask for its comfortable gel formula, which A) doesn’t clog my pores and B) is totally mess-free(!). With the glitter still intact, once the mask is completely dry, just peel it off and voila! It doesn’t get easier (or much fun) than that.

This mask is currently available on, but if you’re not a fan of making online purchases, like my impatient self, the mask will be available for purchase in-store as of Boxing Day. I really hate Boxing Day, but take my word, if you’re going to be in the mall, I highly recommend waking up early, lining up and picking up this gem before it sells out. It’s pretty. It works fast. And oh yeah, it smells like a freaking dream!

Also, please be nice to sales associates. Even if they tell you it’s sold out.  


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