Getting Emma Stone’s Goth Look

Emma Stone may have built a career on playing hilarious, girl-next-door types, but the more we’ve seen her act, the more we know what she’s capable of. The same applies to her red carpet approach, and instead of stepping out in a safe bet for the French premiere of The Amazing Spider Man, she gave her look a gothic makeover. Here’s how you can get it took.

Step 1: A matte complexion
While it’s easier to coin Emma Stone’s look as a gothic homage, she’s actually channeling the silent film stars of the 1920s. The first step? Even out your skin tone with concealer and a foundation that suits your skin perfectly. Then, use large round brush to apply powder, but make sure you still look blended before using the same brush to apply a light blush to the apples of your cheek. Blend some more to keep blush muted.

Step 2: Heavy liner
To maintain Emma Stone’s silent film star aesthetic, make sure eyes stand out by using a cream liner along the lash line and blending thoroughly. While it’s important for your eyes to pop, you still don’t want to overdo it since your lips need to stand out, too. Thus, despite it being tempting to load your eyes with liner, they’ll only take away from the look in its entire, leaving you look goth, and not gothic-inspired. 

Step 3: Light eye shadow
Emma Stone’s look may be striking, but to avoid looking uneven, use a light eye shadow to add depth to your face. In Emma’s case, she opted for a pink tone that complements her choice of lip colour, but she kept it subtle by blending. If you’re worried about going makeup crazy, start with a light eye shadow (like a dusty rose) and work up to a darker shade. You can always add more since taking off excess can feel slightly harrowing.

Step 4: Dramatic lips
Dramatic lips make the gothic vibe, so be sure to commit when executing this last step. In Emma’s case, she balanced her matte complexion with a glossier lip, but the look can still work even if using everyday lipstick. Begin by using a lip brush to apply the colour (a dark raspberry will help achieve Emma’s specific look) which will ensure that you stay in the lines. Then, paint the lip colour on, and dab away any excess product. While you may think that lip liner is necessary to such dramatics, don’t: unless it matches your lipstick perfectly, liner can cause a lipstick ring which doesn’t help anybody.


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