Fragrance Of The Month: The Body Shop Black Musk Perfume Oil

Lately, we’ve been missing The Body Shop’s perfume oils bar with its rows of tiny glass bottles waiting to be filled at whim with one or a mix of two or three of the store’s lineup of succulent scents. Juba oil was tropical and exotic. Woody Sandalwood was warm and cozy. Oceanus wafted a fresh and clean vibe, while Dewberry’s blend of fruit and flowers felt youthful and feminine all at once. The rest of the scents were a magical selection of musky, sensual, earthy, floral, fruity oils we wish would come back for a second act.

So until they do, we’re dabbing on the London brand’s woody floral Black Musk oil perfume.

Dark and sensual, Black Musk perfume oil is a contrasting mix of emotions and ingredients. One part sweet and fresh with notes of pear and bergamot, another spiced and powdered with notes of pink pepper and licorice with heliotrope and ylang ylang. The juxtaposition is bewitching and divine, especially when smooth and rich notes of black vanilla and musk, patchouli, vetiver and chocolate are added into the parfum’s oil creating a finale that is as sultry as it is decadent.

While the fragrance itself has us coming back for repeat wear day after day, we’re super impressed with how long lasting the perfume oil is on our skin as well. No matter how hot or humid the temperature is outside, we’re enjoying how just a drop or two of this exotic blend subtly wafts off our skin all day and all night. Now if only we had the 1980’s and 1990’s full roster of the feel good, do good brand’s perfume oils to choose from, think of how great we’d smell….

The Body Shop Black Musk perfume oil, $25 for 20 ml, available online at

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