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Fragrance Of The Month: Nest, Wild Poppy EDP

In a lot of ways we take our perfume spritzing for granted. Think about it. You’re probably like the average woman and have three to five favourite fragrances sitting on your dresser that you rotate between. Some are for your 9 to 5, others for date night and maybe you’ve got a seasonal scent or two. But did you know that back in the 1920s, perfume application was a special beauty ritual that most women carved time out of their schedules for and then fulfilled while sitting at their vanity.

They’d pick up their bottle with one hand and then squeeze the atomizer with their other hand so that a gentle misting hit all of the right pulse points. And they’d watch themselves do it in the mirror, kind of like the classic day selfie minus the photograph. As for the actual perfume bottles, they were small pieces of art, each one stunningly beautiful with intricate design and shapes, much like Nest’s newest eau de parfum Wild Poppy.

Like it’s near two dozen predecessors, Wild Poppy’s fruity floral scent is captured in a heavy glass, square-shaped flacon that tapers every so slightly inwards at the bottom and is topped with a matte black cap. While the weight of the bottle alludes to the luxurious quality of the New York-based brand, it’s the background design seemingly floats inside each one that makes Nest’s perfumes feel magical. This juicy blend of pears, apricots and raspberries swirling in a lush pool of jasmine and rose is no exception. The bottle’s design features red poppies with yellow centres swaying on their long green stems against a black backdrop. And when a bottle and the liquid inside it smells and looks this good, it feels worthy of a 1920s spritzing ritual.

Nest Wild Poppy, $36 for an 8 ml rollerball and $98 for 50 ml, available at Sephora.

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