Fragrance Of The Month: Marc Jacobs, Limited Edition, Daisy Sunshine EDT Collection

Sure, April showers bring lots of flowers, but to do that we (and all of the daisies) need a whole lot of sun. Thankfully, Marc Jacobs is always ahead of the curve and his quartet of eau de toilettes Daisy Sunshine, Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine, Daisy Dream Sunshine and Daisy Love Sunshine have us slathering on the sunscreen and spritzing all four.

Because after the winter that stretched into forever (well, at least it felt like it did), we want to let the sun shine everywhere. Plus, our souls can’t take another drippy eau that smells promising on first spritz but then dries into ethereal meh-ness on our skin. We need happy feel-good notes, va-va-oomph and the Millennial version of a bougie scent experience minus the hefty price tag.

The antithesis of the elegant futz-y-lady style, Jacobs is the fix. His couture hipster/androgynous cool-girl vibe spills into all of his fragrances. Even Daisy, in all her permutations. While she’s renowned for being all about the sweet girl next door, the MJ quartet is kind of like being besties with Jennifer Garner or Emma Stone when they’ve got a juicy secret to share.

An update on the New York designer’s original classics, each newb Daisy is inspired by carefree sunny days and the sparkling, fresh spirit of youth. And their not-to-be-overlooked explosion of yellow makes them far from wallflower material. Each sunshine-infused bottle contains bold and bright fruity floral notes and is bedazzled with small, medium and large clusters of summery yellow daisies, that is, with the exception of Daisy Love, which features one oversized golden blossom and a floral woody musk scent. Regardless of which eau is your favourite, pluck it soon because this particular Marc Jacob’s garden is limited edition and will be gone before the sun goes down.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine, Daisy Dream Sunshine and Daisy Love Sunshine are $96 each for 50 ml; Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine is $108 for 75 ml, all available at the Hudson’s Bay.

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