Fragrance Of The Month: La Maison Valmont Palazzo Nobile Casanova 2161

You know that sometimes-elusive feeling of being grounded and calm, but inspired and optimistic all at the same time? La Maison Valmont has re-created it, bottled it into their Palazzo Nobile Casanova 2161 eau de toilette and now, we can’t get enough.

The barely there, yet present enough for anyone who gets in close enough to breathe deeply, this scent is quite possibly the best new everyday spritz we could imagine. It’s subtle and fresh, opening with tart juniper berries that quickly lift our spirits in a way that’s simultaneously hope-filled and happy. The eau then flows into an earthy place that’s overflowing with sultry, intimate and powdery irises, fueling us with chill and seductive vibes that are amplified with a final hit of deep, sweet and smoky green vetiver. The overall effect is warm and engaging, personal and connected. Plus, it’s unique to boot.

The Switzerland-based, luxury perfume house only opened its doors a mere two years ago, so each of its current, 13 parfums are uncommon gems. With its emerald-cut shape, Palazzo Nobile Casanova 2161’s heavy glass bottle looks the part, complete with a glossy white label and gold encased round cap,  gold embossed lettering and super chic style.

La Maison Valmont, Palazzo Nobile Casanova 2161, $240 for 100 ml, available online at

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