Fragrance Of The Month: Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle

While we’ve never fully embraced the idea that all it takes for a girl to tarnish her rep and change her life is to eat the wrong apple and wait for a snake to bite, we do sometimes wonder what Adam’s appeal really was. And if he and the reptilian were truly worthy of a rib and a little uninhibited behavour.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest parfum La Belle seems to think so. Sultry, warm, sensual and inspired by the Garden of Eden story, the eau was created as a symbol of freedom for anyone who dares to live in paradise. Or spritz the liquid embodiment of it on.

Layered with juicy pear and fresh bergamot, the parfum is intriguing and enticing on first inhalation. A smattering of heady floral notes combined with sensual leather soon ease into the bright and welcoming eau before being absorbed into a decadent pool of warm amber and vanilla, sharp vetiver and intimate musk. The overall impression is feminine and powerful, intense and elusive.

“It’s like when you look at a painting or listen to music,” explains Sonia Constant, the elixir’s co-perfumer with Quentin Bisch. “A kind of an orgasm, it’s coming but you don’t know when.”

We do know where and how, though. One garden, one man, one apple and one snake bite. Or in our case, one glass bottle shaped like a flower-entwined woman’s torso filled with pink parfum, which if centuries-old stories are to be believed will have us coming back for more, over and over again.

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle EDP, $110 for 50 ml, $148 for 100 ml, available online at and in Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada.

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