Five Steps to Simple Summer Beauty

Summer makeup should be quick and simple, not stuffy and fuzzy! And the fewer touch ups throughout the day the better! So how do you achieve that, you ask? Well, read on sun goddesses, read on…

1) Buy a tinted moisturizer with SPF
Foundation can often be too heavy for the heated summer months, and we all know there is nothing worse than sweating off half your face before you even hit lunch. Try Stila’s Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 ($44), this awesome time killer gives you ample sun protection, a burst of moisture, and luscious sheer colour that will keep you looking fabulous all day long. Available at Sephora.

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2) Get (fake) bronzed!

The sun can be a beautiful thing, but unfortunately we all know it can also do nasty things to your youthful-looking skin. We all agree that tanned skin is awesome skin, but stick with tan’s that come out of a bottle and in the mornings sweep your cheeks, nose, forehead, brow bones, and chin with CARGO’s award-winning The Big Bronzer ($32). Your skin will look delightfully sun-kissed without any of those yucky damaging effects! Available at Sears.

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3) Simplif-eye!

The joy of the summer is that you really can get away with wearing very little in the way of makeup. The natural flush brought on by the heat tends to bring us the healthy-looking glow we strive for all year long and we tend to radiate beauty without even having to try! But that doesn’t mean we can give it all up! Instead use this time of year to experiment with something new and fun like Blinc’s Kiss Me Mascara ($30). The waterproof formula comes in a variety of different shades, like green and purple, that are an awesome way to spice up your summertime eyes. Available at Sephora.

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4) Never forget the balm

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We hear it all summer long as the weather gets warmer and warmer and warmer. So we pile on the moisturizer, grease on the lotion, and drink gallon upon gallon of water. But don’t ever forget your precious pucker! Lots of people neglect their lips during the summer months because they don’t get as chapped and irritated as they do in the winter months but this is essential! Your beautiful smile needs nourishment and sun protection too! Carry around one of Juice Beauty’s SPF 8 Lip Moisturizer Trio ($15) with you at all times – your kisser will thank you. Available at

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5) Finish with a spritz

Once complete, spritz your beautiful simplified summer face with a quick finishing mist such as Peter Thomas Roth’s Aloe Tonic Mist ($32). Not only will this help set your makeup but it will also help keep your skin moisturized and looking gorgeously dewy (not sweaty!) throughout the day! Now go soak up the summer, we never know how long it will last! Available at

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