Facial Hair Trends Your Man Should Try

Many men like to wear facial hair, and there are many attractive ways your guy can choose from when it comes to facial hair trends. (Think George Clooney’s neat scruff, not Brad Pitt’s caveman look.)

A man can also use facial hair to accent his looks or play down some less attractive attributes (a ruddy complexion or a chin that is not as masculine as he would like.)

Just follow these tips for some hot facial hair trends.

The Scruff or Stubble

I mentioned George Clooney earlier and he really pulls this look off the best. Your guy should grow his whiskers out for about a week or so, then very neatly shave his cheeks and neckline (he can use this as he is growing out a beard as well, see below.)

The clean shave cheeks and neck let people know this is an intentional look, not just a matter of skipping a few shaves.



He’ll want to go more Magnum PI than My Name is Earl on this one, so a barber may be the best bet for the first trim. It will take a few weeks to grow a moustache, and then regular grooming will be required.

Make sure he keeps it trimmed shorter than his upper lip when he styles it, and don’t let him have it curling up onto his cheekbones. 

For two awesome moustache styles check out Eddie Murphy and Colin Farrell.



For a beard (again, think neat “ Sean  Connery – not caveman) your guy should grow his facial hair for three to four weeks without a shave. This can be awkward, much like growing out bangs, as well as itchy. Remind him to keep the edges shaved for a cleaner look. Then you can help him shave his cheek line and neckline and see how you both like that look (remember, you can always shave more, but not less, so go slowly.)

If neither of you is comfortable creating his beard, a barber shop should be able to assist.

Just like when you try a new hairstyle, have your man bring in some pictures of what he has in mind.



For sparser goatees, think Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio (this is a wonderful accent if your man has boyish good looks). 

A goatee also looks great if your guy sports a shaved head. Bruce Willis looks amazing with this style. Goatees are also fun because different styles can be experienced with until your guy finds the one that suits him (chin stripe anyone?) So encourage him to experiment with different looks until he finds the one that really works for him. 

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