Eyeliner Pencil vs Liquid Liner: Which Do You Prefer?

The age old question is which one is better the eye pencil or the liquid liner? No need to ponder this question anymore because both liners even though their basic purpose is to enhance the look of your eye, both liners are very different in their own right.

Eyeliner Pencil. My personal favourite usually made with a kohl or a creamy base works its best when you want to achieve very dramatic looks. Eyeliner pencil is best used for the smoky eye look or any other dramatic look you had in mind “ for your adventurous night on the town, clubbing, or feeling like you want to make a bold statement the eye pencil the way to go. The pencil is known for its ability to make your eyes look larger as well as to define your look. If this liner is your personal favourite like mine, be sure to invest in buying a waterproof liner to prevent smudging – after all it is a pencil!

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Liquid Liner. I have a love/hate relationship with the liquid liner. The lines definitely come out a lot sleeker than the eyeliner pencil. I would recommend the liquid liner for bare eyeliner looks. When using the liquid liner you should be looking for a more subtle look because these are the kinds of looks that the liquid liner achieves best. This specific liner would be great for looks for the office or a more casual outing (you can really play around with this!) “ but take caution when using the liquid liner because I notice that you have to have more of a steady hand when using this type of liner because of the thin lines it creates.

B - Liquid Liner 400x300

Eyeliner 101. Whichever liner you prefer, be sure to always buy a waterproof one – always expect the unexpected!

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