Everything You Need To Know About Dermaplaning

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By Alison McGill

Dermaplaning is something that’s been happening in skincare for well over a decade, but you likely never heard about this best kept skin secret until it became a TikTok sensation. The professional treatment involves a gentle exfoliation of the face done via a scalpel which removes dead skin cells and micro-fine vellus hairs.

Though it may sound a little scary, the treatment is incredibly relaxing, totally painless, and will leave your complexion looking next level fresh and radiant. You may have seen dermaplaning popping up in the last few weeks on your newsfeeds thanks to a major celebrity endorsement from Eva Mendes. The actor credits dermaplaning treatments done by Dr. Marina Vergara, CEO of the Beverly Hills clinic Beauty Villa Vergara, as the secret to her glowing skin.

At Toronto med spa The Clinica, dermaplaning is one of the most booked services (cost: $249). Nurse Kay Abarra says it’s a treatment she recommends for all skin types. “Everyone can enjoy dermaplaning and it’s a service I always suggest if you have a big event coming up and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to pre-treatments for it,” Abarra explains. “At our clinic, a dermaplaning facial takes 75-mintes as we add some extras to the service. You will leave with smooth, plump and makeup ready skin. It’s a great service to help even out skin tone, minimize acne scarring and fine lines.”

Below, Abarra shares more about dermaplaning and busts some beauty myths about it.

How often do you recommend dermaplaning your skin?
“You can do this facial treatment once a month, it’s very gentle and has no downtime,” Abarra says. “One of the biggest benefits of dermaplaning is because you are exfoliating on a deeper level, your products will penetrate deeper into skin and deliver benefits like increased hydration and brightening.”

When vellus hair starts to grow back on the face is it darker or thicker in texture?
“Hair will grow back exactly the same as it was pre-treatment,” Abarra reports. “This is a huge myth!”

Why is The Clinica’s dermaplaning service a total facial experience?
“Ours is a 3-in-1 treatment that offers some wonderful little extras, and the results are incredible,” says Abarra. “Once skin has been exfoliated with the scalpel, we apply a Hydrojelly mask the face which contains a cocktail of nourishing organic ingredients which help soothe and calm skin, as well as brighten and firm. After the masking, we do some red-light LED therapy which gives a further tightening effect to skin; then apply medical grade skincare to finish to deliver a super-charged skin experience.”

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