eos Is Taking Gourmet Lip Balm To The Next Level With Their #eosflavorlab Collection

Have you ever sampled a cocktail or tested a new diffuser scent made from an unexpected flavor combination that just somehow worked?

Complex flavor combos drive the success of celebrity chefs and fragrance designers, but it’s not often that our beauty products are formulated to smell so tantalizing and with luscious flavour profiles at the same time. Until… eos (evolution of smooth) and their latest launches cooked up in their #eosflavorlab.

The popular lip balm brand has concocted six new and sophisticated flavor combinations with a little help from a few recognizable co-creators.

Many of Canada’s hottest beauty influencers came together in the #eosflavorlab to help engineer some exciting new flavour combos.

Was the flavor crafting all work and no play? Nope! You can bet some shenanigans were had in the lip lab…

… But these beauty gurus weren’t just playing around. From the branded lab coats and goggles to the lab-inspired décor #eosflavorlab attendees actively participated in a mixing masterclass to develop their own unique flavor profiles and recipes led by the brand’s flavor chefs and product development team. (Pretty cool, right? Wish we got an invite!)

The eos team then brought each formula to life, sending the collaborators a curated box of the top flavours. Using knowledge gained from lab, influencers put on their flavor-mixing thinking caps to help deliver the next generation of eos’ innovative beauty essentials.

eos Is Taking Gourmet Lip Balm To The Next Level With Their  #eosflavorlab Collection
From left to right: Beach Coconut + Eucalyptus, Watermelon Frose + Lychee Martini
Wondering what combinations these Canadian influencers concocted? Here’s the round-up:

Watermelon Frose: Seriously? Yum. Who doesn’t want to sip a frosty watermelon frose all summer long? This one is a mix of juicy watermelon with cool hits of icy frose and a hint of kaffir lime zest.

Lychee Martini: A dash of tart raspberries and a splash of passion fruit nectar, makes this lychee martini a seriously luscious love potion for your lips. Trust us, you’ll be reapplying all day long.

Lavender Latte: If you’re a vanilla lip gal, this one’s a sophisticated step-up from the classic. It takes french vanilla to the next level by layering in a little bit of espresso and sweet cream flavors and topping it off with soothing lavender.

Sweet Grapefruit: Bright pink pomelo is rounded out with crisp heirloom pear and a hit of English rose. According to eos, if rainbows had daydreams, they would taste like this. Ahem.

Eucalyptus: Yes, it sounds basic – but it’s also deliciously fresh! With spearmint and hints of Indeonesian Oolong tea adding an energizing element to the super-fresh eucalyptus base. Pack this baby in your yoga bag for zen vibes after class.

Beach Coconut: We’re partial to anything beachy, and this flavor combo doesn’t disappoint. Tropical coconut meets with rich vanilla and a hint of pink sea salt, for a lip balm that screams summer nights!

Just like all eos lip balms, this limited edition collection is made with sustainably sourced shea butter and coconut and jojoba oils for mega moisture.

Four of these scents are available in ’ eos’ classic single sphere for $5.49 (Watermelon Frose, Lavender Latte, Eucalyptus and Lychee Martini) – or you can double up on these delish flavor combos by grabbing one of their 2-packs for $6.99, available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws.

This post is sponsored by eos but the opinions are our own.

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