Easy Steps to Luscious Lips

C’mon ladies, no guy wants to kiss dry cracked lips, as well as people don’t want to see non-healthy lips. So I will take you step-by-step in creating that beautiful luscious lip that any guy would swoon over; and lips that you would be happy to call your own.

1. Are you using a lip scrub?

Lip Scrubs are important to get rid of the dead and dry skin on your lip! It’s not enough to use a lip balm such as Blistex or Camex to cure this problem. After using a lip scrub your lip should feel smooth and clean. Everything in moderation, be sure to use a lip scrub only once a week, the regimen can be prolonged depending on the condition of your lips!

Added tip: Lip scrubs can become a bit pricey, but don’t worry you can always make a homemade one and it works just as well!

2. Lip balm saturation

Lip balms such as Blistex and Carmex leave a menthol sensation on your lip, which is ideal for our harsh Canadian winters. Any other lip balm preferably one that is filled with a moisturizing ingredient such as shea butter, is great all year round. I recommend the L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Lip Balm it is amazing, it will leave you lip looking and feeling moisturized all day “ no need for excessive application! Personally speaking, these lip balms work best when they are put on clean lips, that’s why it is imperative to use a lip scrub! If you are trying to achieve that simple look you could stop here, it’s wherever you feel comfortable! Take it from me, people will notice either way; but it wouldn’t hurt to step out of your comfort zone!

3. Stain me, please!

Lip stains are excellent when you want to achieve that worn off lipstick look! Trust me it may not sound very appealing now, but try it and you’ll see! Lip stains allow you to get that lip color without that lipstick punch; lip stains are ideal for people who are in that transitioning phase from a lip balm to lip stick “ here’s your middle ground!

4. Be Bold “ Be You!

First off, before I begin explaining the benefits of using a lipstick, or why it’s imperative that every woman wears lipstick at least once “ I strongly believe that every woman should make a bold a statement by wearing a red lip at least once! Besides that lipsticks in general make bold statement that is why when wearing a lip stick it is imperative to find a lip stick that suits you! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and try a color that is completely out of character; but be sure to get a second opinion before gain the confidence to wear it in the outside world!

5. Fill me up!

Another aspect to lip care is creating that full lip; if you are not satisfied with your lip you have the option of using a lip plumper or temporary injectables. I wouldn’t recommend that you use these methods all the time, because you should be comfortable with the lips you have. But every now and then it is okay to switch it up “ Be sure to remember that when using the lip plumping gloss, be careful to pay close attention to the percentage of the plump! If you have full lips and still want that extra plump sure to get a 25% plump or along those lines. If you have thin lips and you want to go for that fuller look get a 50-100% plump, depending on what you feel comfortable with.

Step out of your comfort zone and try all five steps! These steps will leave your lip looking luscious and beautiful in any weather. Be sure to remember that in the winter months your lips need extra attention because of the cold air! In the summer you can ease up on the intense moisturizing.  Stick to these 5 steps, and you will feel like a new woman, and everyone around you will be sure to take note.

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