How To Prep For A Spray Tan

Most women are willing to go to any lengths to get the perfect sunkissed look for summer. However, since we know that tanning, either in the sun or in tanning beds, can lead to skin damage and melanoma, your safest bet is to go with a spray tan. It’s a quick and simple way to get fully covered without worrying about having a DIY disaster at home (orange hands are so not in).

Before you decide going under the nozzle, use these tips to prep for your spray tan so that you can get your glow on without hassle or worry.

Wash and exfoliate your skin the day before. Prepare skin by using a scrub to slough off dead skin cells. This allows the spray tan to soak in better and last longer. Try to avoid oil-based scrubs for best results.

Shave or wax a day before. You don’t want to go into a spry tan with a lot of stubble or fuzz because it could prevent some of the mist from settling easily onto your skin.

Do not use make-up, moisturizers, perfumes or other cosmetics the day of your spray tan. Already having a layer of creams or chemicals on you will not allow the spray to sink into your skin.

Moisten up dry spots. Elbows, heels and knees are often home to rough skin, so pay careful attention to them when preparing for your spray tan. Exfoliate extra well and use a good moisturizer on them or else they will absorb more of the tanning agent and possibly look much darker than the rest of you (thereby signaling you clearly have a fake tan).

Wear black or clothes you don’t care about. Spray tan oils can rub off on clothing, so wear dark clothing or something you won’t be sad about if it gets a bit dirty. Also pick something loose and comfortable so that your tan doesn’t get rubbed off while it’s drying.

Put your hair up. Putting your hair in a bun will prevent the spray from missing your neck and shoulders. Using a bit of Vaseline cream around your hairline will stop the mist from collecting and creating a line across your scalp. You can also use a shower cap, but excess pigment can be easily dried off with a towel.

Prevent streaks post-spray. If you’re getting a really dark tan, the chances of possibly getting streaks or lines on your arms of legs increase. This is caused by droplets of the lotion running down your skin. Gently towel off immediately after your tan to prevent this from happening. If you do end up streaky or think your tan is too dark simply take a hot bath and exfoliate skin.

Book your next spray tan for about a week later. Because your skin will naturally shed its top layer, your spray tan will fade over time. They typically last from 3-10 days depending on how much you moisturize your skin afterwards and depending on the type of product used. Prolong the life of your tan by not taking a shower, sweating or swimming in chlorinated water for 6 hours after application. Avoid using scrubs.

Spray tanning is not meant for pregnant women, people with asthma or those with incredibly sensitive skin.

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