Dry Shampoo Myths Debunked

For those of us not particularly inclined to wash and dry our hair every morning, dry shampoo has stepped up the daily routine, using its godsend-like qualities to make bedhead both wearable and easy to style. However, you can’t win them all, and like any new and/or improved product, dry shampoo is riddled with speculation, so in order to keep your hair looking its best we’ve debunked the biggest dry shampoo myths.

Myth #1: You can totally skip daily washing.

Dry shampoo may abolish oil, grease and the daily grime, but without washing your hair regularly every so often, you can still accumulate a build-up of dirt, pollution and even bacteria. True, it’s been proven that daily shampooing can strip your hair of essential oils, but you’ll still want to clean your hair “ and scalp “ the old-fashioned way just to stay sanitary. Besides, nothing beats the feeling of a traditional hair wash.

Myth #2: They’re the lazy person’s shampoo.

Well, that depends on whom you’re asking, but if you think that dry shampoo is reserved solely for those of us too lazy to shower every morning, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s the perfect solution for the fine-haired folk requiring a little extra body. Sure, it’s the ideal way to add more time to your roll-over-and-press-snooze routine, but in addition to its cleansing properties, dry shampoo can help you create volumous styles by building on existing texture that hold waves or updos even better.

Myth #3: You’re limited to powder.

Dry shampoo may evoke mental pictures of a product like talcum powder, but thanks to its popularity, dry shampoo is available also in spray form thanks to brands like Oscar, Rene and TRESemme. Applied like hairspray, you simply spritz, wait and brush, so while you still have the option of dusting the product onto your bangs or onto your roots, you can apply it a little more directly thanks to the stream’s directness.

Myth #4: It boasts a less-than-desirable scent.

Let’s face it: dry shampoo’s gotten a bad rap thanks to earlier products that set the bar low. However, brands today often boast fresh, floral scents that trump most regular shampoos and leave your hair feeling healthy and rejuvenated. If you’re not entirely sure, most cosmetic and hair product chains will have testers available, or you can speak to your stylist about the brands he or she recommends. If they know you’re in the market, they may even have some tips for the type of shampoo to combine with your hair type, or have some samples for you to take home.

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