DIY: Beauty Recipes You can Make at Home

You may not know it, but your kitchen is a beauty store. Yes, all of those fruits, grains, oils and dressings are more than just edible things to feed your appetite, they are also valuable items that can help your sensitive skin feel softer, your hair look shiner and make stubborn stretch marks disappear. Not only are do-it-yourself home beauty products an affordable option, but they are also fun, effective and natural. So start raiding your pantry and mix a natural concoction of your own with these easy homemade beauty recipes.

Oatmeal Milk Face Mask/Wash
We all know that oatmeal can be very nourishing to our insides when part of a healthy breakfast and the same can be said for oatmeal and our skin. Plenty of skincare products focus on using oatmeal extract in their lotions or cré¨mes, but this oatmeal milk face wash is the real deal when it comes to getting all the benefits of this hearty oat. For this mask you will need one cup of oatmeal and one litre of milk. Combine both the oats and milk in a pot and cook on low to medium heat for about half an hour (make sure to stir periodically so that the oats don’t burn). When the oats and the milk melt together and create a thick consistency, remove the mixture from heat and pour into a bowl for refrigeration for one to two days. Smooth the mixture on your face and leave for 10 to 20 minutes. This mask is perfect for sensitive skin and will leave your face smooth and the milk will also help cleanse your pores.

Shampoo for Shiny Hair
The number of natural ingredients that can be used to get healthy hair are endless but this simple shampoo mixture is tops and gets major points for its easy combination of simple kitchen ingredients. For this recipe combine one egg, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one ounce of olive oil and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Make sure all ingredients are blended well together and then wash into hair from root to the tip. This shampoo will help produce healthy and shiny looking hair.

Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles
Trying to get rid of under eye skincare products has become a mission for a lot of men and women who face the unattractive skin woe. Yet with some basic essential oils and a very common vegetable under eye skin problems can be combated. For puffy eyes, put three to five drops of lavender oil or rose water onto a cotton pad and using your two index fingers hold the pads directly on the puffy eye part and gently pat the area for two to five minutes. For dark circles there are many natural options but the go-to popular choice is this classic cucumber solution. Take two thin slices of very cold cucumber and place it under your bottom eyelid and leave it there for five to ten minutes. For a cucumber recipe with a spin, blend half a cucumber to produce cucumber juice. Then mix the juice with rose water and a teaspoon of lemon and dip a cotton pad in the juice and place it under your eye.

Stretch Marks
With bikini season in full swing, some of us are still trying to battle stubborn stretch marks. While over the counter oils and cocoa butter may be somewhat effective, mixing natural essential oils sandalwood, lavender and frankincense with some baby oil can produce a powerful multi-oil that both soothes and softens the appearance of stretch marks. To make this remedy, combine six drops of all oils (or more depending on how much you want) and a tablespoon baby oil in a small glass flask and gently stir around. Massage a couple of drops directly on the desired area for about a few weeks to see results.


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