Dear Santa: My Beauty Product Wish List

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a really good girl this year. I only got stopped for speeding once and didn’t even get a ticket because the cop was really nice and I was having a really good hair day. I paid my taxes, didn’t splurge on that expensive cheese and purged my closet without purchasing new clothes right after to fill it up again (even though it looked really empty after). To save you time when picking out my gifts this year, I’ve made an easy shopping guide so you can even pick up multiple products at once.

Diorific Golden Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder ($82, available at Holt Renfrew)

This Diorific Golden Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder is just so pretty I think even when you see it, Santa, you’ll understand why I’m requesting it. It’ll give me a gorgeous glow and the packaging is just too pretty to say no. I can use it for parties and when I’m going out and can layer it with basically any look. 

philosophy Glowing Days Ahead ($94, available at Sephora)

You want me to have beautiful skin, right? Well, the quickest way for me to get that is this super-skin-saving from philosophy, Glowing Days Ahead. It’s got everything I need to keep my skin looking amazing through the cold winter months, and I think after being such a good girl this year, I totally deserve great skin. It’s got The Microexfoliating Treatment and Wash, along with the Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser AND Hope in a Jar for both day and night—how perfect is that? 

Benefit Candy Coated Countdown ($119, Sephora)

Since I’ve been on a quest for being a good girl, I’ve been giving up eating too many sweets—including those chocolate-filled advent calendars. So instead, I thought maybe you could bring me this cute beauty-filled Benefit Candy Coated Countdown. It’s got all of my fave Benefit beauty products—from BADGal Lash (so I don’t have to be) to Watt’s Up—so I don’t have to go out and splurge for at least a month or two. I’ve always wanted a product-filled advent calendar! Pretty please?

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Holiday Set ($120, The Bay)

When Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream came out this year, I swooned hard. So much so that I’ve already run through my bottle. So, I thought, since this is the season of giving, maybe you’d want to bring me this adorable Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Holiday Set? It’s got another full 100 ml bottle (which will last me until at least the spring), a Body Lotion and a Rollerball, so I can take this lovely scent with me wherever I go (also prolonging the life of my bottle—see? Me being practical here). 

Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette ($59, Sephora)

And last, but certainly not least, a girl’s gotta look her best at the drop of a hat, and the best way to do that is for a full colour palette where I can create any look, whether I’m going on a job interview or to a charity gala (both making me a better person, I might add). This Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette has 130 colours for my eyes, lips and cheeks and it won’t break your budget for me this year. Just think about, it Santa. 

So please, dearest Santa, if you can find it in your heart to bring me these amazing beauty products, I can ensure I’ll be a good girl next year too.

Happy Holidays,

One addicted beauty maven xox

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