Choosing The Right Hairstyle For Your Face

Which hair style is right for your face? The six basic face shapes are oval, square, triangular, round, rectangular, and heart shaped faces. The universal hair style that looks great on almost every face shape is the Bob, which is back in style. Hair styles should minimize problem attributes while complimenting the positive attributes of the face. Wide faces need lengthening, long faces need shortening, 

Oval Shaped Faces
Those with oval shaped faces have plenty to choose from since this face shape works with most hairstyles. Any length hair works but keep hair back out of your face. Hair that hangs forward and long bangs typically do not suit the oval face. Oval shaped faces look good with layers near the area you want to accentuate such as your lips, cheeks, or chin.

Square Shaped Faces
Long hair afficianados should keep their hair at shoulder blade length, square faces do best without the layered look since this can emphasize an already strong jawline. Short to medium length hair styles work best on square faces, framing your face with waves or curls will add softness to the shape of your face.

Triangular Shaped Faces
Triangular faces tend towards wider jaws and cheekbones making the forehead appear smaller. Shorter cuts work best for triangular shaped faces, but avoid super short pixie cuts, add volume to the top of the head. A wedge haircut just below the ears will help widen the top portion of the head, you can also add fullness at the temples or sides of your head for the same effect. Wearing the bulk of your hair at the chinline or or below will make your face appear bigger. Long hair styles draw attention to the jaw line making your face appear wider.

Round Shaped Faces
Those with a round shaped face may have difficulty finding an appropriate hair style for their face shape. A part in the middle of the hair helps the face look longer. Hair styles with angled or asymmetrical cut with hard lines helps the softness of round features. Top-heavy layering can help those with round faces. Shorter hair cuts may make a round face look rounder, chin length hair cuts should be avoided since this often makes the face look rounder. Stay away from slicked-back ponytails since this makes the round face more moon-like.

Rectangular Shaped Faces
People with a rectagular shaped face can wear any style of short or medium length hair to complement their face shape. Short wispy bangs will shorten the length of your face, and adding fullness at the sides of your face will soften a longer face shape. Long hair should be avoided since this length on rectangular faces makes your face look longer.

Heart Shaped Faces
Heart shaped faces have wide forehead with a narrow, pointy chin. They do best with chin length or longer cuts, which keeps your face from looking too long. Use long layered hair to camouflage the wide forehead area. Long side bangs help to draw attention away from the forehead area. High crowned hair styles like high top hair buns and retro high-volume crown styles makes your face look longer. Short hair cuts may emphasize your cheeks or the length of your face.

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