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Every woman is looking forward to the day that the biggest news story is that there is a miracle cure to erase cellulite forever. In the meantime, we’ll all secretly love every time a tabloid posts their celebrity beach body edition so that we know cellulite attacks all of us from Hollywood to the suburbs. Stars, they’re just like us (and our thighs). For years, experts have been coming up with temporary solutions to beat the summer bummer that is unflattering dimpling on our behinds. 

The good news is that living a healthy lifestyle can be a key factor in reducing the appearance of cellulite. For starters, toning up your muscles in your glutes and hamstrings will help the fat on top of it lie smoother. Less fat doesn’t equal less cellulite, as even the slimmest women have cellulite. Working out keeps your circulation going strong, and keeps your skin and connective tissue (one of the main things that plays into the appearance of cellulite) healthy and supple. While we’re on the topic of circulation: butt out! Smoking hampers circulation. If you need a new excuse to quit, blame that cellulite on your cigarettes.

Health experts recommend eating less salt (about a teaspoon a day). Water retention enhances the appearance of cellulite, so staying properly hydrated is of utmost importance. Not only does salt promote water retention, but cutting your ties with excess salt will lower your blood pressure. Everyone’s a winner!

Choose products that amp up your moisturizing. Put a little pep in your step with moisturizers that contain caffeine, retinol or hot pepper extracts. Caffeine is a stimulant and encourages blood flow in the affected area. Back to the theory of staying hydrated, the same applies to your skin. Dehydrated skin shows cellulite more than moisturized skin does. 

Don’t shy away from self-tanners that can help make skin look more even. Choosing a gradual self-tanning lotion, or bronzing lotion will give you a healthy glow that hides some of the shadows and dimpling that cellulite creates. Just like any of these it’s not a permanent solution, but the added colour to your legs and thighs can assist with beating the summer blues that cellulite creates.

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