Break Your Bad Beauty Habits

They may seem harmless, but your bad beauty habits aren’t so beautiful. In fact, they can even be dangerous to your health. Here’s how to stop them in their tracks:

Stop biting your nails

It may seem like an innocent way to unleash your stress, but when you chew on your nails, you run the risk of ingesting the nasty bacteria that linger underneath. (Not to mention the cracked, split nails and painful hangnails you’ll pick up along the way.) Kick the habit by treating yourself to a manicure. If your nails are pristine and polished, you’ll have a harder time taking out your stress on them. Not the polish type of girl? Tuck a travel-size nail file in your purse for on-the-go weak moments.  

Don’t leave home without sunscreen

Sunscreen and summertime always go hand in hand but the winter months pose similar sun threats. Any sun exposure without adequate protection is a direct cause of premature aging, including increased wrinkles and age spots. Extensive sun damage also increases your chances of developing various skin cancers. To break this unhealthy pattern, make sunscreen a part of your morning routine by using a daily facial moisturizer with an SPF already built in (I like Dove’s Deep Moisture Day Lotion with SPF 15).

Don’t pick at pimples

It may be the most satisfying part of your beauty routine, but popping and prodding your pimples will do you no good. Indulging in this nasty habit can leave you with permanent scars, infection, and in a lot of cases, squeezing a pimple will actually push the bacteria and oil even deeper into the glands. Break the habit by using this DIY spot treatment: crush an ibuprofen and create a thick paste with some water. Apply directly to the pimple, let dry, then wash off for reduced swelling and redness.

Not taking your eye makeup off before bed

You just got home from a night out and the first (and only) thing you want to do is head to bed. But leaving your eye makeup on overnight can cause major eye irritation and inflammation while blocking your skin’s natural ability to repair itself. Other awful side effects include clogged glands, dry skin and eyelashes more prone to falling out. If time is your biggest issue, skip the cleanser and invest in some moist makeup remover wipes, which will take off the day’s grime in seconds.

Touching your face constantly

Touching our face is a beauty crime we’re all guilty of doing. The trouble is that you transfer excess oil and dirt from your fingers to your pores, which can cause breakouts and even worse, infection. This habit is especially hazardous during the cold and flu season, when bacteria and viruses are widespread and likely to be on your hands. It may be tricky to break the pattern, so carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse to disinfect your hands before you primp.

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