The Best Summer Updos

Let’s face it: regardless of the products, techniques or hats we’re given, there are certain summer conditions that require the abandonment of wearing your hair down. And while humidity and dampness can wreak havoc on curls, waves or the straight style you spent all morning perfecting, updos tend to remain immune. So on days boasting rain or a humidex of 40, here’s our guide to the hottest summer updos and why you should try them.


Since Diane Kruger donned a loose French braid with a well-placed fedora last summer, braids have become the timeless seasonal go-to in terms of updos and up and away hair options. Luckily, 2011 continues the trend of plaited styles thanks to the likes of Blake Lively sporting a fishtail braid alongside a loosely tied ponytail, evoking the breezy summer feel we’ve come to equate with the season. The best part? If you’re not willing to tie your hair back completely, you can infuse braids into a hairstyle of any kind, with stars like Nicole Richie maintaining a boho vibe thanks small French braids at the crown.

Smooth and Sleek 

Minimalistic doesn’t have to mean boring, and if the runway looks of SS 2011 are any inclination, the more sleek, slick and smooth the better. Dramatic side parts and low chignons are essential to the dramatic summer aesthetic (androgynous fashion hasn’t gone anywhere), and on days of heat, humidity and harsh winds, boasting a sprayed and secure sleek style will not only keep hair out of your way, but help you maintain a bold look that suits the likes of bright lips and stained cheeks perfectly. 

Gentleman Chic

We told you that androgyny is in, and because of stars like Janelle Monae, the pompadour style can keep you looking fresh and fashion-forward. Considering some of the season’s wardrobe favourites range from bowties to pleated shorts to well-tailored blazers, to use a pompadour style to keep bangs up and away is a logical choice “ especially since you’ll be embracing both the tailored look of summer 2011 and the vintage throwbacks the year’s become so familiar with.

Side Style 

If the Oscars didn’t convince you, the thousand other red carpets should, with everyone from Natalie Portman to Selena Gomez (it’s not every day we give kudos to a teen star, but believe us) boasting updos worn to one side, channeling the retro vibes honed by everyone from 1920s darlings to Kelly Kapowski en route to prom. Whether its a braid, a bun or a loose-styled ponytail, the off-balanced look takes the formal vibedown a peg, making it the perfect summer style for afternoons spent lounging in the park.

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