Making the Most of Your Hair’s Texture This Summer

Volume is a commodity. And while big hair is less of a novelty thanks to humidity and after-pool adventures, volume is another concept altogether, which is achieved typically by texture. But if your hair seems to sit there post-hat, post-walk and even post-open windows (because let’s be honest: this writer’s been there) with less life than an irrelevant pop culture reference, you’ll want to know the ins and outs of texture to achieve the volume you crave. That’s why we’ve assembled this handy little list.

Natural Tendencies
Despite what photos of celebrities would have us believe, regardless of style, cut or the help of extensions, your hair has its own personality that when wet, damp or even outside, shines through completely oblivious to your feelings. That said, if you’re hoping for pin-straight locks morning through night, you’ll want to opt for a texture or style less Vanessa Hudgeons and more Kate Bosworth. Meaning? The less layers you have, the less you’ll fight the uphill battle against climate. If you’re hoping for more volume at the top, tease and spray with climate-control hairspray, and if you want a little wave, simply scrunch or use your straightener. Just don’t go overboard: in days of bayou-esque temperatures, any inch you give will be taken a mile.

Fighting the Flat
But perhaps you’ve got hair that simply goes limp in moments of downpours or smog alerts. (And for that, I curse you.) If that’s the case, take a page out of the book of Alexa Chung (pre-bob), and ask your stylist for layers you can use to make waves and create movement. That way, even on days when your hair has absolutely no life, it’ll boast some bounce that will give you multi-dimensional texture to be pined over, leaving your hair full of life, movement and “ if big enough “ secrets.

Since summer’s a tricky time, it can be difficult to maneuver a new cut while attempting to work around the weather’s bi-polar tendencies. So if you’re not ready to lose length or to adjust to layers, choose a product like Rusk’s volumizing shine lotion that, used pre-blowdry, creates a shiny, full aesthetic that leaves your hair looking vivacious and modern. Provided you pair it with a climate-control hairspray (like TRESemme Climate Protection), tousle your hair after using round brush to style, then spray to freeze (we use freeze loosely, since hairsprays that allow for movement are usually the easiest to work with) everything into place.

Our only suggestion? To create the most natural-looking texture, you’ll want to wear hair either straight or wavy: while curls have an unbeatable texture unto themselves, waves or tousled locks is perfect for those beachy summer afternoons.

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