The Best Self-Tanners

If you’re worried about looking pasty in your leg-revealing dresses and arm-baring shirts this spring, you may want to get a tan. No, we don’t mean baking in a tanning bed! (No one looks hot as a leathery, withered up prune.) We have found a few of the best self-tan lotions for every budget so that you can get the glow you want.

Coppertone’s Endless Summer Gradual Tan

If you’re looking for fresh, peachy skin for spring that you can make darker as the weather gets warmer, Coppertone’s Endless Summer Gradual Tan is one of the best. It lets you build your tan gradually, hence the name. (Lets be honest, if you go from the fairest of them all to holiday in the islands overnight, we are going to notice!)
Price: $8 for 9 oz

Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Daily Glow Gradual Tan Moisturizer SPF 15

After Victoria’s Secret dropped its Bare Bronze lotion to the dismay of beauty addicts alike, it released the Beach Sexy Daily Glow lotion with SPF 15! The new Beach Sexy lotion will give you the bronze you want while protecting your skin from the sun. Oh, and it smells like a tropical paradise!
Price: $12 for 6 oz

Jergens’ Natural Glow EXPRESS

If you need to get a sun-kissed glow for your sister’s wedding in a few days, don’t even think of a spray tan! There are lots of self-tan lotions, like the Natural Glow EXPRESS lotion by Jergens, which will give a streak-free, non-orange tan in just three days. (Don’t worry, we wont tell your sister you forgot!)
Price: $7.50 for 4 oz

Clarins’ Delicious Self Tanning Cream 

It may cost more than your Coppertone but the Delicious Self Tanning Cream by Clarins really is delicious with its caramel, Jessica Alba-worthy hue and its skin-nourishing cocoa extract. A self-tan lotion that will you give you skin like Jessica Alba? It is worth the money!
Price: $42 for 4.4 oz

Biotherm’s Sunfitness Autobronzant Self-Tanner

If you’re new to self-tan lotions, the Sunfitness Autobronzant by Biotherm is safe and reliable for your first time. It is not too dark, it doesn’t streak, it doesn’t smell awful and it won’t make you break out. Just don’t forget the rules: shave, exfoliate, moisturize and wait!
Price: $20 for 1.7 oz

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