The Best Hair Brushes

When it comes to beauty, we know that your beauty products should be tailored-fit for you. We choose everything from a skin care regime to hair products based on our own needs. So why, when it comes to hair brushes do we simply pick one off the shelf, without considering whether it’s the right one? Your brush needs to work with your hair type, and your lifestyle.

I recently brought my hair brush collection in to my hair dresser, who told me mine are all wrong for my hair, which is why so much of it ended up on the floor after I  brushed it. And why it took extra-long to blow dry.

But here are the best brushes for your hair type, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Best Detangler

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

This brush is good for all hair types, and helps detangle your hair without all the breakage.  Instead of working from the ends up, you can use this handle-less brush from roots to ends, and it promises not to break your hair.  And the reviews seem to agree. Another plus, you can use it in the shower to brush wet hair, and evenly distribute your conditioner.

Best for Extra Volume

Volume Brush - Monroe U Teasing Brush

Monroe U Teasing Brush

If you watched Adele’s performances during awards season this year and felt a twinge of hair-envy, these are the brushes for you. Teasing brushes, rather than back combing you hair, are the way to go because they are small enough to add volume just where you want it. Bonus: if your updo is just a little too done, run one of these through to undo just a few wisps of hair.

Best for Blow-Drying

RAINCRY Professional Medium Magnesium Curling Brush

RAINCRY Professional Medium Magnesium Curling Brush (45mm)

A magnesium alloy in the brush gives even fine hair volume, when used with a blow dryer.  Vented brushes like this one evenly distribute the heat, preventing damage and breakage. Nylon bristles help reduce frizz. This brush also claims long-lasting volume, to keep your blowout looking fresh all day.  

Best for Bangs

Spornette- porcupine G36

Spornette- “porcupine” G36

This brush is just the right size for your bangs. Plus the mix of boar and nylon bristles evenly distributes your hair’s natural oils, while also gripping on to the hair to smooth it out.

Best for Long Coarse Hair

Mason  Brush

Mason Pearson 'Popular Mixture' Nylon & Boar Bristle Brush

The Mason Pearson brushes are known to be the best brushes around. The mixture of the best quality boar bristles with nylon bristles both distribute hair oils and “stimulates hair follicles” (read: hair growth). I chose the brush for long coarse hair, but the staple company also makes brushes for fine hair, medium length hair, and short hair. Don't  be too put off by the price tag; this one is an investment. 

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