The Best Hair and Hat Combos

It seems that regardless of season, we advocate hats. But unlike winter’s static-ridden, flat, sweaty aftermath (or maybe I just walk too fast), summer hats call for complementary hairstyles “ or at least the option of wearing something aside from a toque. Here are some of the season’s hottest hat styles and the hair you can wear with them.

Oversized Floppy Hat
Wearing a sunhat throughout childhood may have seemed like the worst possible idea, but thanks to the bohemian revival, large, floppy brims have made us all regret not asking nana for hers. Made of straw (thus ideal for hot summer afternoons thanks to an appropriate amount of breathing room), wearing your hair down is the perfect option for those days on the beach, with natural waves evoking the always-romanticized hippie culture.

Check out H&M’s Striped Straw Sunhat in Navy, $14.95. Available at H&M.

S - H&M Hat 300x400

Bowler Hat
Behold the summer take on vintage culture: adorned with a ribbon or feathers, the bowler hat offers a brim wide enough to offer a little sun protection, but makes less of a statement than the traditional oversized sunhat. However, like the sunhat, bowlers look best balanced with long naturally dried (read: loosely styled) locks or a pixie cut, since the hat’s smaller style requires a simple approach that won’t take away from its minimalistic qualities.

Check out Zara’s Straw Bowler Hat in Natural, $25.90. Available at Zara.

S - Zara Hat 300x400

Considering the fedora’s been around since the 1920s, nobody should be surprised that the same year Boardwalk Empire premieres, the classic style is revitalized through a summer-friendly style (read: straw) and can be worn with anything from the likes of waves to a bun. However, because the fedora can create a statement unto itself, the style requires less maintenance than most hats. Meaning? Whether you want to adopt a French twist or a French braid, the fedora’s trademark style will anchor your aesthetic and add dimension to any look you’re carrying off.

Check out Esprit’s Floral Fedora in Blue, $35.50. Available at Esprit.

S - Esprit Fedora 300x400

Panama hat

Sometimes grey areas are good, and when it comes to hat styles, panamas walk the fine line between floppy hat and fedora, offering more than just minimal sun protection, while evoking bohemian charm. The best for day-to-day wear, panama hats call for the likes of side braid (ala Diane Kruger), loose waves or even a low ponytail, cementing themselves as the perfect go-to for nearly every outfit and hairstyle. The best part? The beret of the late-2000s has officially been replaced. (Sorry, Blair Waldorf.)

Check out Aldo’s Herriman Straw Polka Dot Hat in Natural, $25. Available at Aldo.

S - Aldo Hat 300x400

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