The Best Anti-Frizz Hairstyles

We can’t ignore the obvious for much longer: humidity is upon us, and the days of well-behaved hairstyles are officially over. And while winter dryness was the breeding ground for hat-head and corresponding static, summer is a mecca of big hair, moisture and above all, frizz. However, there are ways to beat the system, so to evade the infamous Roseanne Roseannadanna look, we’ve come up with a list of the perfect anti-frizz hairstyles.

The Top Knot
Lauren Conrad had it right “ piling hair into a top knot not only looks awesome for day or night, but it has the built-in bonus of getting all your hair off your neck. It’s like au naturel air-conditioning.

The Pixie
We know “ this one’s a risk. But thanks to the likes of Emma Watson and Michelle Williams, we’ve learned that the pixie isn’t a scary anti-feminine style that’ll take away from your natural beauty “ it’ll only add to it. And by chopping off length for those hot summer days, your hair will only require some smoothing serum and a blow dry before heading to the office, beach or cocktail bar. Just don’t blame us when you bleach it out and channel Mia Farrow.

The Bob
We promise we’re not going to limit our anti-frizz hairstyles to the short of it, but as proven by Victoria Beckham and Carey Mulligan, whether worn straight or wavy, the bob is tried-and-true for nearly all summer weather conditions. If you’ve got straight hair, a tousled, textured style with a side bang is perfect for keeping hair simple and season-appropriate, while wavy and curly locks can be capitalized on by turning frizz into volume, teasing and spraying with a flexible hairspray that keeps hair moving, but (stylishly) big.

Slicked Back
At one point this writer rolled her eyes at the concept of slicking one’s hair back in the spirit of late-80s pool parties, but after watching a season of ANTM and flipping through several issues of every current magazine, it’s safe to say that after applying gel or serum and brushing your hair back, perfect beach day aesthetic has been secured. The best part? Not only does this style require no cutting or relative styling, it can be adopted regardless of length. (And if you’re not sold on this, consult the season finale of ANTM cycle 16.)

Up and Away
True, the classic updo’s been overdone “ especially in terms of summer hairstyles that combat frizz and other humidity-induced side effects. But this year, we saw runways embrace sculpted, sleek buns and well-executed side braids that provide an alternative to a French twist or ponytail or any other safe updo. Using a dramatic side part to help add interest to a low bun, you can breathe new life into a typical option while combatting in-air moisture that’s responsible for making even the best hairstyles go awry. 

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