Behind the Scenes: Greta Constantine x Sebastian Professional x M.A.C Cosmetics

Greta Constantine, designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong , Toronto based fashion label, joined forces with Sebastian Professional, Daniel DiTomassi, and MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist, Melissa Gibson for their fall 2013 runway show. The team transformed models with dark eyes, braids and buns. We were lucky to speak with the artists backstage and get the  scoop on how this show was brought together.


29S: How did you achieve this look?

Daniel DiTomasso: This is the amazon goddess. She has got a lot more texture and dimension to her hair. We started off with braiding a cornrow on both sides of her head, again using the Shine Crafter Wax by Sebastian Professional because it can stick to the hair. This gives a really clean finish. Up on top we are going to be bringing it into a really sleek high tight pony tail and then a bun on the top of her head. Some of the ends are just going to be flared out which gives it a simplistic but still kind of a warrior type of feel to it.


29S: How did you achieve this look?

Daniel DiTomasso: With this model what we did was we tied it into tons of little pony tails, so we first prepped the hair with the Shine Crafter Wax and got it really tight and sleek. We then went over with the Shine Define which is our thermal pump spray. Then we brushed it really really tight into individual pony tails and then from the pony tails we tied knots to condense some of the length. Then we just pinned the knots in and then whatever ends were sticking out we just kind of left them.

29S: Does this have a story behind it?

Daniel DiTomasso: This is more of the warrior, so she definitely looks like a ninja warrior right now! Talking with the designers I did a test with them and they wanted something a bit more of the tribal type of raw feel, but still very tight and sleek like the runway scene is. So, we incorporated both ideas so we did it really really tight on the sides but then on top we will have some texture to blend with the rest of the girls.  


29S: How did you achieve this look?

Daniel DiTomasso: We are just going to continue layering the products so first we are starting with something that is moldable which is the Shine Craft Wax. This is just a moldable, pliable, palm-aid that we can use to brush through the hair without any flakey or sitcky mess. And then we layer with hairspray and we start wokring with the thermal spray so when we start using our irons it isn't burning the hair. We use Shine Define for that. And then I went into my shaper hairspray and start to brush it through.

29S: If someone wanted to get this look at home, how would they do so?

Daniel DiTomasso: This one is a little bit more difficult. There is hair wax in it and this is a 30-inch tail that I adjusted into the hair. We have some braids that are clipped into the hair for long extension pieces in the front. The rest is her own hair pulled back into a sleek kind of bun.  

The Makeup

29S: What is the inspiration behind the makeup looks for this show?
Melissa Gibson: I have a long standing relationship with Kirk and Steven and they usually just send me a coupe of words and we kind of go from there. The words that were kind of thrown about were savage, tribal, physiological romance and then he kind of showed me a picture of how he wanted the hair to look. When I saw the hair pictures I kind of wanted to do something that was completely unstructured and almost beautifully unfinished. 

29S: Whats some tricks to doing this look at home?
Melissa Gibson: It's just a broken down smokey eye, and this is great for somebody that wants to try something a little bit different. This may not be the look for everybody but you'll know when this is good for you. You could clean it up and do a beautifully blended eye with a shot of blue on the lid and make it really clean and perfect and have that more for your everyday consumer. It's kind of nice to see something a little more editorial on the runway!

MAC Makeup used
Skin: Studio Sculpt Foundation and Studio Finish Concealer. 
Eyes: Brow highlight: Marine Ultra Chromacake
        Eyelid: Black Black Chromacake
        Crease: Pure White Chromacake
        Liner: Haute & Naughty Too Black
       Mascara: Lash
Powder: Mineralize Skinfinish
Lips: Blankety and Fleshpot lipstick mixed together

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