Product Of The Week: BeautyLashLong Lasting Home Tinting Kit for Brows and Lashes

The DIY eyebrow and eyelash kit Adriana Ermter now keeps in her bathroom cabinet year-round…

I’m a fan of thick, face-framing Groucho Marx’s eyebrows. They add wow factor to my face and strip years off my age. Being a blonde though, I’ve had to dye mine (and my eyelashes) jet-black since birth. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but since it’s spendy to pay someone else to “dye me” every six weeks, it feels like I’ve been doing this forever. Still, having statement-making eyebrows is worth it.

So when a local PR company sent me BeautyLash’s complete range of DIY eyelash and eyebrow tinting kits, I went a little nuts. Knowing what I like, I pushed the Light, Medium and Dark Brown shades to the side and greedily picked up the box labelled Black. Each kit accommodates approximately five or six applications (hello, that’s like six months of fab-looking eyebrows) and the instructions are super easy to follow. Having spent a lifetime in the hands of a pro I felt like I knew the process off by heart so I painted on a fresh set of brows and eyelashes without any hesitation.

The kit’s specially included little brush applicator made it easy to apply the black colour onto my lashes and brows and I waited a full minute before applying the activator over top of them and then, let it do its work. Because I’m so Groucho focused, I left the product on for a solid ten minutes before I removed its vegan and dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested formulation with water and a cotton pad. The kit includes handy, protective under-eye strips to prevent the tint from staining, but I have yet to use them. The tint itself lasts for about six weeks and the black colour looks really good, like salon-worthy, high-impact brows and that’s a big deal to me.

Creating fab-looking brows is actually big beauty biz. Just look at the 12,700+ people who follow Benefit Cosmetics’ global brow expert Jared Bailey’s every well-groomed and penciled-in arch posted on Instagram. The guy’s a beauty wizard and while he didn’t put defined eyebrows on the map he’s certainly reinforcing their importance, complete with an email signature that reads, “Don’t Let Anyone With Bad Brows Tell You Sh*t About Your Life.” I can’t argue with that logic. Plus, according to Statista almost 73 million women in the US bought an eyebrow pencil last year, so having access to this DIY semi-permanent option is going to be a big deal for a whole lot of people.

And if you’re wondering about my loyalty to my local brow bar, the answer is yes. I still book an appointment at the salon a few times a year for a tweeze and a tint. I like it. It’s my ritual. Only now, I’m supplementing it with my own handiwork done for a fraction of the cost and in the comfort and convenience of my own bathroom.

BeautyLashLong Lasting Home Tinting Kit for Brows and Lashes, $34.95 at

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