Beauty Tricks for Beating the Heat

While spring and summer bring lovely warm weather (which means you can finally enjoy skirts and shorts!) the heat can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. What starts out as a beautiful hairstyle at 9am turns flat, frizzy or greasy by 5pm. Fresh pressed shirts end up with sweat stains in embarrassing places. Your skin looks shiny and oily even though you don’t have any make-up on. The list of balmy beauty blunders is long, but there are plenty of ways to plan ahead to beat the heat and stay beautiful, even on a scorcher!

Face. Oily skin is the worst. Aside from lightening up on the moisturizer and concealer invest in a light foundational powder and keep oil sheets in all of your purses. These beauties take away grease without removing make-up as long as you remember to dab and not rub. Consider using waterproof eye make up to prevent raccoon eyes. Also give yourself a clay mask a few times a week to clean up pores.

Sweat. No matter how light your layers of clothing are sweat still happens. Besides wearing antiperspirant (different from deodorant, which does NOT prevent sweat and only helps with smell) try using a bit of baby powder on your back, tummy and bra line to keep wetness away. Just don’t get it on your clothes before you head out in the morning.

If you find that even men’s or medical strength antiperspirants don’t work consider putting pads in your shirts that will soak up access sweat, which you can find at your local drug store. If you manage to get sweats stains on your clothes take them out by mixing water and a bit of vinegar together and rubbing them into the garment before washing.

Don’t forget about sweaty feet. Much like your armpits there are a number of products that reduce sweat and odor in your shoes. Sprinkle a bit inside your flats in the morning or rub a bit on your feet. Another option is to purchase cotton insoles, which can be taken out and washed whenever needed, leaving your flats with that “new shoe” smell.

Hair. Dry hair isn’t really a problem in the summer, but frizz and flatness sure are!

If you have a problem with grease at your roots, don’t think washing your hair twice a day will help. In fact, removing a lot of your natural oils can cause your scalp to start over producing oil, making it a never-ending cycle. Invest in a good clarifying shampoo and do your best to only wash your hair when you need to and wet it on days in between. Consider using dry shampoos in between washes if you’re desperat. You can als sprinkle a bit of baby powder at your roots, wait a few minutes, and then comb it through to curb grease.

If frizz is your problem you need to find a good moisturizing conditioner for your hair type that doesn’t weight down your tresses. Before you head out in the morning make sure you use hairspray or gel to help keep things in place. Also it will be easier to work with your natural texture rather than straightening or curling. Try finding a volumizing mousse that works well for you and keep it simple and natural in the summer. If you must use hot styling tools consider buying a heat hair protector, like Got2b’s Guardian Angel heat protection line, to keep damage and frizz at bay.

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