Beauty Trends Guys Hate

We’ve already learned about which fashion trends guys just can’t seem to understand…but what about our beauty looks? 

Candy-coloured hair or bold eyebrows may look good to us, but the men in our lives would beg to differ!

Want to know what they think?

Our panel of men reveal which looks they can’t stand to see you wear:



“Not a fan. It looks like the girl has not got her hair coloured in years.”

“Oooohhhh..I don’t like the contrast, I think it looks ugly.”

“It looks cheap, ugly and overall unattractive to me.”

“WTF? Were you standing under a torch?”

“It works better when it’s more of a gradual shift in colour, so it looks almost like highlights… Ciara looks like she’s a bumblebee… Kinda like she can’t make up her freaking mind.”

“I just don’t get ombre hair, you couldn’t decide on one hair colour so you wanted to use two and call it ombre. I call that a¦fail! 

“Straightened, flat ombre looks completely dumb and reminds me of a Yorkshire terrier at a dog show”



“It’s 1950s style…in a bad way”

“If you wanted birds to come lay eggs on your head…then I guess it’s cool.”

“There’s a sock in there?? That’s just weird.”

“Don’t actually hate this as much on first impression…maybe I’ve been conditioned by movies to be OK with weird up-dos, although it does look like a root vegetable growing out of the hair.”

“They look like plants.”

“Sock Buns are the reasons why girls think they need to be perfect.”



“No…looks like you’re trying too hard.”

“Looks like you’ve dipped your lips into candle wax…”

“It scares me…too Twilight-esque”

“There’s a fine line here. Bold is OK. Once you hit past a certain shade, you start looking like you’re getting in character for your role as an extra in the new Hunger Games movie.”

“How am I supposed to make out with you?”



“A bit dramatic, don’t like them”

“UGH! Unibrow!!”

“I’m sorry, what? I was too busy looking at your brows.”

“Not a fan of this. Attractive girls have landscapes brows, brows that at structured around their eyes nicely and shaped properly. Not a bush. Those are for men.” 

“Turn off. Nothing screams disappointment like a girl that has bigger caterpillars than you do and is a pencil’s width away from a unibrow.” 



“JESUS! What the heck is that? That’s too much. Too crazy.”


“No. No no no no no no no. I know its supposed to look crazy, but it just looks like you painted over a wart.”

“WTF? When did people start taking fashion ideas from first-graders who got into their mom’s makeup drawer?”

“GROSS … If I want to watch porn, ill go on the Internet, nail art to that extreme is just a cry for attention… These people are porn star wannabes”

“Lifestyles of the rich and the hopeless…”

“I’m starting to hate that girls are now wearing belly button rings on their nails. When I hold your hand the only thing I want to go get tangled in is your fingers, not your swarvski crystal pinky gem.”




“Why hello there, character from an ’80s low-budget sci-fi porn flick. What, that’s not a wig you say? And you consciously did this to yourself? I don’t even…”

“We should go shampoo shopping…”

“Looks like cotton candy…but why would you want that in your hair?”

“You know, the colour of your hair is super cool but I’m starting to doubt that if I run my fingers through it¦that wig might fall off. Oh wait, it isn’t a wig? Very natural.”

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