Beauty Trend: Pastel Hair Colour

Brightly coloured hair is here to stay, at least for another season or two. Italian tastemaker Prada featured a dip-dye pastel hair look for their Fall runway show. The pastel hair colour trend has quickly moved for runway, to red carpet and just made the leap to the silver screen. In blockbuster movie The Hunger Games, fashionable ladies in the Capitol donned crazy colours and while Katy Perry and Rihanna make wild hair colour choices a staple.

At-Home Pastel Hair Colour Option #1: Kevin Murphy Colour.Bug
Kevin Murphy Color Bug
Kevin Murphy, the Australian hair guru, launched his Colour.Bug hair chalks. This chalk-like formula rubs on to hair for temporary colour boost. It will wash out, but Murphy warns that bleach blondes should apply a leave-in conditioner first before jumping in to the trend, so that no colour remains after you wash it out.

At-Home Pastel Hair Colour Option #2: Splat Washables
Splat Washables
Another option to try the colour trend without the commitment is Splat Colour Washables. The dye comes in four different colours: pink, purple, red and blue. This temporary dye comes with a brush to apply the colour only to the sections you want coloured. It promises to dry soft and touchable (it will dry quicker if you use a blow dryer), rather than hard as a rock like gel products.  If you’re really looking to stand out, try the GLOW washables, a range of colours that glow in the dark.

At-Home Pastel Hair Colour Option #3: Hair Flairs
Hair Flairs
Similar to the Colour.Bug, Hair Flairs are rub-on temporary dyes that will help you channel your inner Effie Trinket. Apply the rub to already styled hair, but make sure you wear gloves for this one, to protect your fingers from the dye. The Hair Flairs come in nine different colours, to let your imagination go wild.

At-Home Pastel Hair Colour Option #4: Streaks ‘N Tips
Streaks and Tips
Streaks N’ Tips is a temporary dye is a quick and easy way to try the trend. It’s a coloured hairspray you apply to pre-styled hair. The bright colours, or even glitter sprays, show up on even dark hair. But be careful when applying it, since the spray might reach more than just your hair.

At-Home Pastel Hair Colour Option #5: Sultra Colour Hair Extensions
Sultra Clip In Extensions
Each of these clip-in coloured extensions by Sultra is made with 100 per cent real hair. The variety of colours like pinks, purples peaches and blues, means that you can try out the coloured hair style without the commitment. Since they’re real hair, these extensions can be straightened or curled with your own hair, to make the pastel streaks look as believable as possible.  This option is ideal for brunettes, who don’t want to lighten their hair before adding a streak of pastel colour.

At-Home Pastel Hair Colour Option #6: Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Dye
Manic Panic Amplified
If you are looking for more of a commitment to your colour, the Manic Panic dyes are semi-permanent option, to get more than a few days out of your bottle. The herbal and protein formula promises to treat your hair with care, and comes with a hot oil treatment for when you’re ready for the colour to go. If you are looking for a highlighter bright colour, best results are achieved with blonde or lightened hair. So brunettes trying this one out will have to use bleach first, or expect very subtle touch of colour to their dark locks. 

At-Home Pastel Hair Colour Option #7: DIY with Pastels
Senellier Pastels
For the ladies not wiling to spend the money to dive into the trend, any box of pastels from the craft store can be used to dye your hair. And the best part is, you can have every colour of the rainbow in one box.  But there are a few tips you’ll need to try this one at home. Blondes should avoid water, and apply the pastel to dry hair to avoid staining the hair for days to come. Brunettes on the other hand will need to use water to intensify the pigment, this way it will really pop against dark hair. Redheads, or ladies somewhere in between, should try adding the colour without water first, to gauge how the colour will take to your hair.

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