Beauty Trend: Intimate Area Skin Lightening

Look good, feel good —  that’s how you want to feel and that’s how SHE wants to feel too. From brazilian waxes to more odd beauty treatments like vaginal streaming (thanks Gwyneth!), many women these days are taking care of their nether regions in some way, shape or form.

The latest trend that is bound to give both you and her that extra boost of confidence this season is intimate area skin lightening. You read that right — this new trend is all about lightening your lady bits!

We see a lot of naked goodies all day long, and we see at least one in four ladies especially, have a discolouration issue, says Alaa, owner of Allure Body Bar in Toronto.  According to Alaa, skin discolouration around the bikini line, inner thighs, underarms, labia and anal area are quite common. You know what we’re talking about — it’s that sometimes embarrassing ˜shadow’ that stays behind even when you wax or shave that area. That shadow is a result of your hormones producing an acidic reaction to the humidity, which results in darker skin pigmentation.

It’s a common, everyday person concern, Alaa says, adding that it greatly affects a woman’s self esteem, especially during bikini season. But thanks to intimate area skin lightening, it might just be the confident boost you need to flaunt it this summer.

It’s not bleaching

Unlike older bleaching treatments that used harsh chemicals like Hydroquinone or Kojic acid, Alaa says skin lightening treatments these days are gentle on the skin. Using South Beach’s FDA approved lightening products, Alaa says women see great results thanks to the active ingredients bearberry and licorice root which helps slow down the hormones that cause discolouration, while also improving the appearance of that area. So while it lightens your skin like a bleach, it’s a natural product without the strong, potentially harmful chemicals.

The lightening process is easy-peasy

Before heading into your lightening appointment, Alaa recommends waxing the  entire treatment area first. That way, your pores are open and the product can go in much deeper, bringing out better results.

The treatment starts with an cleansing process which helps to reveal the fresh, healthy skin underneath. They then do an exfoliation with the cleanse and once that’s over, they go ahead with the lightening cream. Once the entire process is over, even though you won’t experience any irritation,  a soothing cream is applied to prevent any friction in that area.  It’s a painless, quick process that lasts no longer than 20 minutes. Perfect for us ladies constantly on-the-go!

Goodbye shadow

Like most things, results depend on the person’s body and ethnicity. Everyone gets at least the one shade of lightness, says Alaa. Some areas will respond to it a bit better and will see 3 – 4 shades of lightness. Luckily, you can follow up as often as once a week until you achieve your desired results.

Good for all your goodies

Skin lightening works well on your most intimate goodies. In fact, Alaa says the most popular areas that get treated at Allure Body Bar include the anal and vaginal area, as well as the bikini line, inner thigh and now underarms.  And while good on your goodies, it’s also good on your wallet too. Skin lightening treatments range from $75 – 110 per session.

Get our groove back

Theres no more hiding and feeling embarrassed about it because we have a lot of other issues we’re hard on ourselves for, continues Alaa, adding that improving skin discolouration in these intimate areas is a huge confidence booster for the women she sees. (Skin lightening is) becoming very popular because this is an everyday person’s need. If you or your friend have unwanted shadow, the latest beauty trend you want to try is finally here. The secret is out of the bag, ladies!

Alaa Abdullah is the owner of Allure Body Bar in Toronto’s Danforth area. They’re best known for their Quickzilian Brazilian wax along with other unique beauty and body treatments.

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