Beauty Tips that Save a Buck

In this economy it’s more important than ever to be aware of how much your beauty routine is actually costing you. That designer eyeshadow, although in just the perfect shade of plum, might not be worth it once you figure out how many loaves of bread it could have purchased. So in this recession, how does one save money without sacrificing too much? 

The first thing on the agenda is to decide how much is needed to be saved.  Ten dollars, 20, 50, and how often. Once there is a concrete plan, it will be much easier to follow. Then once that is straightened out, use these simple beauty tips to help save a buck.

1) First and foremost, less is more
While this might be painstakingly obvious, using less product will help it last longer. However, in the summer months, this is much easier to actually follow through with. A sun-kissed face won’t need a bronzer, and help summer-fy your look by wearing less eye makeup. And because the natural look is in, you’ll be up on trends as well as saving money.

2) Double up on products
Ever wondered why a foundation primer is needed after moisturizer? Skip it! Two-in-one moisturizers can be purchased, however, many moisturizers do a good enough job all on their own. Another product that can be eliminated is liquid liner. Find a good angle brush and dip it in leftover mascara goop (that stuff at the top of the tube and never gets used anyway) to use as a liner. Not only does it save by eliminating the need for liner, but this thrify trick helps use ALL of the mascara. And finally, dig out those old eye shadow cases and get creative. Use the reds as a blush substitute. Mix various colors to create something new. (If it doesn’t work out, no expensive product was wasted since you already owned it). Even try the obnoxious hues (sparingly); it might look great!

3) Lastly, always be on the look out for coupons and sales
New products often offer a deal, or come with a free sample. And website are always giving away free trials to new customers. Sign up for Twitter feeds, email lists, and Facebook alerts to be aware of the next big give-away. And for more regular sales, just check the local drug store aisle. The next time foundation is 30% off, even if it’s not on the grocery list, buy it. Some deals (especailly those that help your beauty routine) are just too good to pass up.

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