Beauty Tips for a Great Smile

Eyes may be the window to the soul, but it goes without saying that someone’s smile says almost just as much “ or in the case of some, nothing at all.  That’s why we’ve let you in on four secrets to getting a great smile “ so the next time you catch a total babe looking in your general direction, you can smile back with genuine confidence.

Everything in Moderation

It’s no secret that a meal consisting solely of blueberry pie, red wine and an after-dinner cigarette will result in various problems, and while stained teeth may not be the most health-threatening, it is one of the most inconvenient.  No, you don’t have to abandon your favourite dark-hued beverage or indulgent dessert (though it may be best to kick the smoking habit), but the key is to “ like all things “ moderate your consumption.  So instead of chasing your tea with chocolate and coffee, opt for something lighter-toned or a chocolate chip cookie.  (And since we’re not talking about calorie consumption, let’s pretend a day of pie, coffee and wine is perfectly acceptable.)

Whitening Made Easy

With teeth whitening now an at-home process, improving your smile is no longer a required trip to the dentist or at the cost of hundreds.  Whitening strips, doctor-prescribed toothpaste and even sugar-free dental gum have helped to make teeth lightening easier through baby steps, and used in conjunction with regular brushing and flossing,  a whiter smile is incredibly attainable.  Companies like Sensodyne have also developed products like iso-active TM – Canada’s first gel-to-foam formula that makes your teeth feel and look even cleaner – while Crest has developed 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips and 3D White Vivid Toothpaste which go above and beyond normal whitening products by boasting the highest level of whitening available at retail level.  However, even the healthiest or most hopeful regimen should be used in moderation.  Meaning?  Too many whitening strips or brushing too often or too hard can result in enamel being worn away, thus leaving teeth susceptible to sensitivity or damage.

Manipulate Colour

In addition to completing the perfect ensemble, lipstick can also be used to brighten your teeth and make your smile stand out.  With cooler tones ideal for making teeth whiter, red shades will nicely contrast your teeth and make them appear even more dazzling “ as long as you make sure your lipstick and pearly whites stay separated.  However, when it comes to all things pink, be careful: because of its warmer tones, it has the tendency to make teeth look yellow, so unless you’re a regular whitener or ready to smile subtly, you may want to keep the pink tones in your case.

Get Confident

It sounds cliché©, but like you can sense the uneasiness in someone’s eyes or posture, a forced smile will immediately take away from someone’s aesthetic as well as all things associated with great.  You may be self-conscious about imperfections, but when someone meets you for the first time, the last thing they’ll be studying is whether or not your bite lines up perfectly.  Therefore, put on your favourite lipstick, take a sip of your drink and let your smile compliment the sparkle in your eyes “ after all, on a night out with friends, there’s no place for a lack of confidence.

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