8 Sexy Fragrances for Any Kind of Valentine’s Day Date

When it comes to planning out the look for February 14th, makeup and the perfect outfit always seem to come first. But did you know that scent has the ability to take your date night from 0 to 100, real quick? Our sense of smell encapsulates not only actual aromas, but any experiences and emotional associations we have with them. Before you call bullsh*it, listen hard.

Olfactory receptors”what we use to smell”directly connect with the limbic system, the brain’s most primitive centre that is also the seat of emotion. So next time you smell freshly baked cookies and get teary eyed because it reminds you of your grannie’s signature recipe, chances are it’s plucking at your olfactory receptor strings.

What you need to know for your Valentine’s Day fragrance choice: No misguided “I feel like wearing this today” frivolous perfume application allowed. The perfume you wear for your Valentine’s Day date with your man needs to be chosen with special care, because, if you’re strategic enough, you’ll be able to evoke the right amount of sexual intimacy, mushy sweet talk and fun all into one day. (And yes, it will all be because of these fragrance recommendations. In the words of Drizzy, “You can thank me now,” because this ish works, seriously.) No matter what kind of special date you’ve planned with your beau, we assure you we’ve got you covered.

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The Date: A steamy night at home, complete with massage oils, sexy lingerie and chocolate-covered strawberries. You’ll want a scent that’s sensual and almost edible to get you in the mood.

The Scent Selection:date-1

Marc Jacobs Decadence, $140: Everything about this perfume is hot, from the indulgent top notes of saffron and plum, to the sexy base notes of vetiver, amber and papyrus wood. If you don’t get action the night you wear this, call me, we need to talk.

Maison Martin Margiela Replica By The Fireplace, $125: At the heart of this fragrance are smoky woods and crackling chestnut notes that embody your femininity and his masculinity. This is obviously perfect for that full body massage you have planned for him in the living room.  

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