8 Cool Ways to Store Your Makeup

We all have a treasure trove of makeup. Whether it’s in your bathroom, purse or dresser drawer, we could all use a little bit more organization when it comes to cosmetics. Here are some ideas to keep your makeup organized:



Inspiration Board

Create a magnet board by buying one ready-made or painting a board with magnetic paint from the hardware store. Hang the board up on a wall at eye-level. Next, affix magnets to all your essential makeup products. There are some with peel and stick backs, or use a glue gun. Once you have your board and makeup ready to go, affix the makeup onto the board like fridge magnets. If you’re in a dorm or small space, you can even put them directly onto your refrigerator. This solution works great because it streamlines your makeup routine to the essentials (saving you time), and is a visual way to organize your stash, so you’re not digging around in your purse or makeup drawer to find your mascara.


Lucite Containers

Nothing is more glam and simple than seeing all your products at a glance. Pick up a bunch of clear lucite containers from a home decor or organization store and get sorting. Once you see how pretty your makeup looks in a neat container, it’s easy to keep up the organization.


Cutlery trays

If your makeup drawer is all in disarray, a simple solution to organizing your drawer is to get a cutlery tray. Pick up one from the dollar store and organize similar products together. Some trays now even come with wider and more square compartments too. Because the tray is designed to fit standard drawers, it will stay in place and keep all your cosmetics from sliding around.



Nail polish can be highly addictive. But what to do with all those pastel-hued bottles? Hang up an old thrifted spice rack and arrange the bottles on shelves like a rainbow.


Desk Stationery

While a classic wooden letter tray might be made for your desk, there’s no reason why you can’t use it in your washroom to organize products and tools. Take it one step further and personalize the letter tray by painting on your initials or a cute saying.



Be nice to your brushes and give them a proper home. An easy and cheap DIY is to pick up a glass vase (even a mason jar will do), fill it with glass beads, stones or even coffee beans and stick the brush handles inside. The stones keep the brushes upright and from falling over, and they will look like pretty flowers on your bathroom counter.


For Travel

Invest in a cute cosmetic bag that is large enough to hold all your essential products, and lined in vinyl to make for easy cleanups in case your skin toner leaks in your baggage. Another step would be to pick up a cosmetic bag with a hook so when you arrive at your hotel, you can hang it on the door. This one from Umbra is a cute Little Black Dress.


For the extras

Even your basics like cotton pads and swabs deserve a little love too. A mug or cookie tin makes a great cotton pad dispenser, or look for unusual containers, like this porcupine cotton swab holder. It’s a quirky way to organize, but it sure beats keeping boring staples in their cardboard box.

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