5 Ways to Get Frizz-Free Hair This Summer

The summer sun is finally shining, but a spike in temperatures means that your beautifully styled tresses are in for a roller coaster ride thanks to the humidity and smog. Palma N’Sheluvzit from The Hairspot in Toronto shares some of her tips to give you frizz-free hair and to keep your mane in the best shape all summer long.

Embrace your natural texture

This can be a bit of a transition for those that swear by blowouts and heat styling, even as the temperatures rise. By ditching your blow-dryer or flat iron and embracing your hair’s natural texture, you’re alleviating some of the damage, which will help reduce breakage and, in turn, prevent those small frizzy pieces that creep up on those extra hot days. Plus, there are lots of products out there to help you get that beachy texture look that won’t damage your strands, either.

Make friends with a leave-in conditioner

Most leave-in conditioners come packed with a bevvy of benefits, and usually at the top of the list is heat styling protection (if you absolutely must blow-dry your hair) and frizz control. N’Sheluvzit recommends Schwarzkopf Professional’s BC Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner (find a Schwarzkopf salon here): “A small amount goes a long way for this lightweight conditioner, but it’ll definitely help control moisture, leaving you with frizz-free hair all day long.”

Grab some coconut oil

If you don’t know the laundry list of benefits coconut oil can provide yet, you’re sorely missing out, but N’Sheluvzit adds one more to the list: “Coconut oil is the best natural product for protecting your hair at the beach because it has SPF4, which blocks 75 per cent of UV radiation.” Pretty impressive, if you ask us. Her final words on coconut oil: “Soak up the coconut oil as you soak up the sun!” You don’t need to tell us twice.

Add a wrap

We don’t all have the luxury of sleeping in silk sheets each night, but the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase or silk scarf are numerous. Take advantage of your beauty sleep, and treat your hair to a silk wrap to keep it smooth. N’Sheluvzit explains, “wrapping your hair in a silk scarf has been proven to help reduce frizz since silk is a natural protein and will maintain your freshly styled hair.”

Do a treatment

If you want to take serious control of your locks, you can opt for an in-salon keratin treatment. While they may seem pricey, your hair will be silky smooth and manageable, and the results last for four to six months, depending on how often you shampoo. N’Sheluvzit recommends La Brasiliana keratin and collagen treatment to boost your hair’s strength and ability to withstand external factors that would normally cause breakage.

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